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“The Spot Where Life Got Better”


Graduates of Comal County Court-at-Law Judge Randy Gray’s Accountability Court were in smiles and tears as they shook hands with the police officers and sheriff’s deputies who arrested them for their second DWI (driving-while-intoxicated) at a special ceremony on Monday, March 19.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for that nice gentleman giving me the wake-up call that I needed,” said one graduate, pointing to the Comal County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy who had arrested him.

“This is the spot where life got better,” added another.

The ceremony marked the end of a 12- to 18-month program of intensive counseling, supervision and other services designed to help defendants get sober and avoid future arrests.

Judge Gray told graduates their chance of relapsing for a third DWI fell from 75 percent to 25 percent as a result of his court.

“These are people,” he posted on a Comal County Facebook page. “They’re good people. They’re dealing with the issues they have. This is a good day.”

In nine years, 120 people have graduated from Accountability Court.

Accountability Court promotes public safety by reducing the recidivism rate of DWI offenders and by extension the number of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths.

Defendants are entered into the program post-judgement and after being screened and evaluated. Participants must have been convicted of a second DWI or have special circumstances that warrant inclusion in the program.

Graduation qualifies them for suspension or reduction of jail time, suspension or reduction of court fines, eligibility for an occupational license, reduction of reporting, and small incentives like movie passes.

To learn more about Accountability Court, click here.








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