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Advertise your businessSTATS: 1,812,000+ website hits this year through July 2018

Who reads us? The locals of course. MyCanyonLake.com is a hyperlocal website focusing on news and events in Canyon Lake and Comal County. In plain English, we’re an online newspaper whose primary focus is reporting on things happening in or of interest to residents of Canyon Lake (Sattler and Startzville) and surrounding towns in Comal County, including Fischer, Spring Branch and Bulverde.

Tourists and Winter Texans are an integral part of the area’s economy, so we also cover nature i.e. the lake and rivers, which makes us an advertising mecca for local businesses from around the region who are trying to promote their restaurants, hotels, rentals and other services.

Comal County’s one of the fastest-growing spots in the United States, which makes MyCanyonLake.com one-stop-shopping for people arriving to retire, work, and … build houses. Hello, realtors, landscapers, plumbers, drywallers, veterinary clinics, etc.

Think of us as a portal that delivers customers right to your doorstep. BTW our Facebook page is viewed by over 1,000 people weekly.

How Can We Promote Your Business?

Partner Listing

Those little red links right above our logo on the landing page? Click through and they’ll take you to paid “partner” listings for “Where to Eat,” “Where to Stay,” “Local Services,” and “Where to Shop.” Analytics for these pages are great — because they’re mini websites that include everything you want customers to know about your business. Your special URL delivers a professional write-up about your business, photos, address and phone number, a Google map and anything else you want your customers to know about. We can update these daily to include coupons and specials. Weekly promotions on our heavily trafficked Facebook page, too.

Directory Listing

Looking for Something? This is kind of like the yellow pages. Because why use NextDoor or Facebook when you can just click on a link to our Directory and find everything you need by category? Includes your company name, address, contact information, and hyperlink to your website/Facebook page. Because we’re generous, we’ll throw in a daily mention to the 14,000 followers on Canyon Lake Buy Sell and Trade Facebook page.

Event Calendar Listing

Our most-popular feature! We’ll give you 30 days on our most-clicked feature which, by the way, we promote heavily on Facebook. However, your event MUST be an event. Some restrictions apply.


At the end of every week, we blast an email newsletter to thousands of people who’ve signed up because they’re impressed with our offering. Analytics soar when this goes out. Click here to see our latest newsletter. Suggested for maximum bang for your buck. We’ll link your ad to either your partner listing or your website.

Banner Ad

Do you want something a little more traditional, say an old-fashioned banner ad? See your business promoted every day for a month on the homepage. We’ll create the ad of your dreams at no charge, and share you on Facebook just for good measure.


Join the conversation on social media. We’ll casually slip you into our feed for two days with photo, brief editorial comment and link to your partner page or website.

Whatever You Want

This is Canyon Lake. We’re laid back, and a la carte. Share your ideas and we’ll customize an ad campaign that meets your budget and expectations.

Still have questions?

Contact Stephanie Johnson, 830-310-6513, or use our Contact Us form. Publisher Stephanie Johnson is available anytime at 830-310-6513 or by cell, 713-550-7014.


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