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Tailrace Access Areas Leased


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) announced Dec. 4 it has leased four access areas on Canyon Reservoir Tailrace, located below Canyon Reservoir on the Guadalupe River.

The Tailrace is one of the top trout-fishing destinations in the United States during the peak of the cool-weather trout fishing season.

“This portion of the Guadalupe River is a very popular trout fishery and is likely the most fished reach of river in Texas,” says Stephan Magnelia, TPWD River Studies Program Director. “By leasing these prime fishing locations from private landowners we are able to provide anglers with a truly unique trout fishing experience right here in central Texas.”

According to Magnelia, thousands of anglers visit the leased access sites to fish for trout each winter, resulting in an economic impact to the local community to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We found for every dollar spent by TPWD on the access and trout stocked at the sites Comal County received up to $19 in economic benefit from visiting anglers,” Magnelia says.

Fishing Regulations

From Dec. 1 through late spring, the “no fee” leases give anglers the opportunity for bank and wade fishing – as well as put-in and take out areas for kayaks and paddling equipment.

Access to all public access sites is open from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset each day for angling from the banks and launching non-motorized boats, canoes, kayaks, or other floatable devices for the purpose of fishing.

Special trout fishing regulations are in effect on two sections of the Guadalupe River Anglers should check the latest TPWD Outdoor Annual for information on Guadalupe River trout fishing regulations. Anglers age 17 and older must have a valid Texas freshwater fishing license.

Access Area Locations

Camp Huaco Springs, Dec. 1, 2017, through March 9, 2018: This location provides approximately 0.5 miles of bank access along alternating pools and riffles. The bank is gently sloped and rocky. Anglers can wade fish both upstream and downstream, or fish from the bank. There is a low-water dam at the upper end of the property and a deep pool at the lower end. This site will be closed to public access Feb. 23-25, 2018 due a large children’s fishing event that will be held at the site.

Whitewater Sports, Dec. 1, 2017, through March 9, 2018: This location provides 500 feet of bank access upstream of the 306 bridge crossing along the east side of the river. The bank is rocky and lined with cypress trees. A deep pool is located just above the bridge. Anglers can wade fish both upstream and downstream.

Rio Guadalupe Resort, Dec. 1, 2017, through March 9, 2018:  This location provides 950 feet of bank access upstream of fourth bridge crossing on River Road along the west side of the river. Anglers can wade fish both upstream and downstream. Free access at this site is subject to a 10 vehicle limit. After the vehicle limit is met anglers can still access the site for a daily fee.

Mountain Breeze Campground, Dec. 1, 2017, through March 9, 2018: This location provides approximately 1,000 feet of bank access along a deep pool. The bank is steeply sloped and stairs offer access to the water for wading.

About TPWD & The Guadalupe

TPWD will stock the Canyon Reservoir Tailrace with thousands of rainbow trout each week from early December through late-January. The full list of scheduled stocking dates and numbers of fish can be found online at www.tpwd.texas.gov/troutstocking.

TPWD has been leasing access from private landowners for trout anglers on the tailrace below Canyon Reservoir since 2000. In 2011-2012 the TPWD developed the River Access and Conservation Area Program (RACA) to address a need for increased access to the state’s rivers and streams, including the Guadalupe River below Canyon Reservoir. The RACA program has been largely funded using a United States Department of Agriculture Voluntary Public Access-Habitat Incentive Program grant.



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