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Baby Snakes Are Crawling Around, But Are Not More Dangerous Than Adults Expert Says

Brett Parker, owner of Hill Country Snake Removal, is also a Canyon Lake Fire/EMS firefighter and paramedic. File image.

by Brett Parker
Hill Country Snake Removal, Canyon Lake Fire/EMS Firefighter

It’s that time of the year. Babies can end up anywhere, so be mindful of your surroundings.

Watch your kids and pets in the late evening to early morning. When it’s cooler, snakes are typically out moving. Just because you see one does not mean there are more.

If you see 6+ babies or adults in the same location in a short amount of time, then you have a problem.

Babies are not more dangerous than adults. They can be quicker to bite, but they are 100% capable of controlling their body. Their venom and an adult’s venom is the same, drop for drop. Big snakes make and hold a lot more venom than a baby can.

Snake Away is a joke, and mothballs are insanely bad for the ground, domestic animals, wild animals, kids, and don’t bother snakes at all. Soap, sulfur, essential oils, glass, eggshells all do nothing. Snakes do not sense smell the way we do, and smelly things don’t bother them.

If you get bit, go to the hospital. No cutting, no sucking, no cutting off circulation, no snake-bite kit, no taser, no tobacco, no basil, do not catch the snake, no, no, no. Hospital! Go.

All the venomous snakes we have here are all treated with the same antivenom. You do not need to catch the snake to get the right treatment.

For more information, visit Parker’s Facebook page.

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