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Beloved Old Lab of Prominent Canyon Lake Animal-Rescue Activist Found Drowned in Canyon Lake, Tethered to Cement Block

Fourteen-year-old Shylo was found drowned in Canyon Lake Tuesday. His feet were tied to a pole set in a cement block at the bottom of Canyon Lake near Boat Ramp #7.

The 14-year-old beloved yellow lab of a prominent Canyon Lake animal-rescue activist was found drowned near Boat Ramp #7 by a group of kayakers Tuesday.

Sunni Patrice Stalbird, moderator of I see, Dogs That deserve better, in Comal County Facebook page, said the drowning was deliberate. Shylo was discovered floating in Canyon Lake with his feet tied to a metal post that was cemented into a concrete block at the bottom of the lake.

Law enforcement is investigating.

She posted graphic images of Shylo’s body to her personal Facebook page, sparking outrage from residents who are following the drowning on Facebook and NextDoor.

Jakob Willmann, the CCSO crime-prevention technician who also serves as Comal County Crime Stoppers coordinator, said the organization has not officially issued a reward for tips leading to the arrest of a suspect but will still pay out if a tip comes in.

He said Crime Stoppers is waiting for a CCSO detective to file an official report.

Monday, Stalbird posted on Facebook that Shylo was still lost and asked residents to keep an eye out for her dog, who went missing after someone opened the gate to a fence and let all of her animals out.

“He has separation anxiety and a fear of fireworks and thunderstorms, and he’s never been gone this long, we are hoping to get him back home safe, so tomorrow on your way to work/school, if you can keep an eye out for an old yellow lab with an orange reflective collar, please call me,” she said.

In an interview today, Stalbird said through tears she suspects the drowning of her beloved pet was an act of revenge by a convicted felon she has tried to help in the past.

Stray and abused pets are a big issue in Canyon Lake, and she said she routinely reaches out to pet owners “in a non-judgemental way” after receiving tips about abuse via Facebook.

“Animal control does not enforce laws,” Stalbird said. “People anonymously write me all the time.”

“A lot of time people graciously take our help,” and Stalbird arranges to have pets spayed and neutered or treated for ailments like heartworm disease.

When she dove into Canyon Lake Tuesday to recover her dog’s body, Stalbird said she wasn’t expecting to find Shylo’s feet tied to a metal pole.

She said she doesn’t have a lot of faith in CCSO, describing their past efforts to secure prosecution of animal abusers as “lackluster.”

“In this beautiful community, we should not have to worry about our animals being killed because they escaped their yard,” Stalbird said. “Whether this is an act of revenge or just a deranged individual that killed this innocent animal, we need our Sheriff’s Office to hear our voices, act on existing laws and seek out these abusive and dangerous people and get them off the streets and away from animals and people they deem fit to assault.”

“…I want justice for Shylo, and I want our laws to be changed out here, and I want our voice to be heard,” she said. “We’ve got to go after animal cruelty as a felony out here. It’s happening all over the place. They chose my 14-year-old lab, who was the most innocent, sweet angel. His life didn’t have to go that way.”

To contact Crime Stoppers, call 830-620-TIPS. A Venmo account to collect reward money is set up on Stalbird’s personal Facebook page, Sunni Patrice Stalbird.


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  1. Brenda Gearhart October 20, 2021

    It’s often noted that pedafiles and serial rapist who murder children first abused animals. This person needs to be prosceuted for the sake of potential future acts upon our children or loved ones. We can’t let this rest.

  2. Suzie McCarthy September 28, 2021

    Omg! The cruelty that was committed is unforgivable and the inhumane person or persons need to be prosecuted with the full 7 year sentence that Trump enforced while he was in for animal cruelty. My deepest condolences to the family. ❤❤🐾

  3. Cling September 27, 2021

    I am so sorry for your loss and the lack of justice our laws provide, these ppl are worthless garbage, but our Politicians are protected, the rest of us are not, just keep paying your taxes for them, this country is going to hell, run by the demRats, over run with illegals

  4. Carol A Davenport September 12, 2021

    Jail is too kind. I say hog tie the person’s feet and tie them to a concrete pole and block, then toss the person into the lake.

  5. Carol A Davenport September 12, 2021

    Jail is too kind. I say hog tie the person’s feet and tie them to a concrete pole and block. Toss the person into the water.

  6. Chip Emig September 11, 2021

    The sheriff’s office needs to do its job

  7. Norma Rossi September 11, 2021

    He will pay in the end for this horrible deed

  8. Tonya Smith September 9, 2021

    My dogs were poisoned back to back in 2017. I never found who it was but I was bullied at pool I worked at when I first moved here.

  9. Bonnie September 9, 2021

    Can’t wait for this sick person is caught. Lock em up..

  10. Tonya Smith September 9, 2021

    Are you kidding me ! Runors all over the kid flimed it lock his ass up !

  11. De Robs September 9, 2021

    we do not have enough funds for regular law enforcement, animal cruelty falls farther down the line, so people think they are going to get away with their sickness. We need to do better. Blaming the governor, when people are marching and demanding defunding police, budget cuts, officers burning out… let’s do better.
    The person who did this is responsible for this, noone else. Finding and prosecuting this/these sickos could save another.

  12. Ben Kacem September 9, 2021

    Sick sick sick person…..I hope and pray the MONSTER gets caught…..my prayers and condolences to Sunni

  13. Michelle September 8, 2021

    Face it because of our worthless Governor animals are not a priority. It’s disgusting that some psycho will get off with nothing but a slap on the wrist if they are even caught.

  14. Judith McMackin September 8, 2021

    This Monster or Monsters Need to be Caught & put in Jail for as long as possible. This is so Disgusting & Sickening. SUNNI is gonna be Traumatized for the rest of her life. Just imagine finding you Precious Innocent Much Loved FurBaby Tortured & Murdered in such a Heinous EVIL way. It wouldn’t surprise me for Sunni to lose it & wanna try to KILL the MURDERER of her Precious Innocent Weak Defenseless Senior FurBaby that was the Angel of her World 🌎

  15. Linda Cunningham September 8, 2021

    What a horrible thing to do. I hope the person is found and sent to jail for cruelty. A fine is not good enough.

  16. Daly Heimer September 8, 2021

    The monster who murdered the lady’s dog needs to be apprehended and punished to the full extent of the law.

  17. Leanne (Doglady) September 8, 2021

    Having worked alongside Sunni for several years, rescuing, spay & neutering, providing veterinary and medical care services to those who could not afford it, I have witnessed and felt Sunni’s passion for this pursuit. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of animals. For this to happen, not just to her, but to an INNOCENT animal speaks volumes about the caliber of the individual responsible. It is my fervent desire, this individual is brought to justice, made an example of and the heinous act he committed set a precedent for animal reform in the state of Texas.

    1. P Levine September 8, 2021

      Can a reward be offered for information on the person who murdered this dog

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