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Biedermann to File for Constitutional Carry in 87th Legislative Session

Texas House Rep. Kyle Biedermann, far right, meets with Chris McNutt, left, and Brenden Boudreau with the National Association of Gun Rights.

Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann, the Republican who represents Canyon Lake in District 73, said today he will introduce legislation supporting “constitutional carry” in Texas’ upcoming 87th legislative session.

Constitutional carry would allow gun owners to carry pistols and handguns without a license or permit.

“Right now, you must take a class, get finger-printing, pay a fee and maintain (like a driver’s license) a license to carry a pistol or handgun,” said Karin Dyer, Biedermann’s chief of staff. “Currently, you are legally allowed to carry long arms/rifles but need a license for a handgun/pistol. Constitutional carry is the concept that if you can legally own a firearm, you should be able to carry it for your protection.”

Biedermann, who owns a business in Fredericksburg, said constitutional carry was the Texas Republican Party’s number-one priority during the last legislative cycle.

“With out-of-touch local governments choosing to defund their police forces, it serves as a stern reminder that in a moment of life or death, We The People are truly the first responders,” he said in a statement. “Additionally, this legislation overwhelmingly benefits lower-income communities who should not be forced to pay government fees in order to protect themselves and their families.”

Rachel Malone, director of Austin-based Gun Owners of America, a nonprofit lobbying group, said she is “thrilled” with Biedermann’s announcement.

“This is great news for Texas because constitutional carry promotes safety and equality while upholding our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms,” she said. “…if you are not prohibited from possessing a handgun, you should not be prohibited from carrying it.”

Texas’ 87th legislative session opens on Jan. 12, 2021.

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  1. Boyd Bloomquist December 31, 2020

    27 words says more than I ever could ,but this does need
    to be passed this time.


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