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Birds Flock to Library’s Bird Cam

Check out the birds who are checking out the new seed cylinder right in front of Tye Preston Memorial Library's new bird cam.

Tye Preston Memorial Library added a new chapter to its story this week,  installing a gigantic seed cylinder and bird cam right outside its windows for the whole world to enjoy on YouTube.

Bird cam — which can be viewed on  the library’s new YouTube channel by clicking here — joins the library’s butterfly garden and nature trail on the list of experiential fun-stuff to do at the facility.

“Our tagline is, ‘where books are only the beginning,’ and so this is an effort to add just another interesting thing to do at the library — or, from home, you don’t even have to come in,” explains Library Director Roxanna Deane. “This is just another way of enhancing and explaining how important nature is to us.”

The birds chirping away on camera certainly understand the significance of the seed cylinder swaying gently in the breeze. On Thursday, dozens of them swooped down to peck away and enjoy loose bird seed on a tray as well, all carefully selected by George Eanes, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in New Braunfels.

He said bird-cam viewers can check out

  • cardinals
  • black-crested titmouse/mice
  • lesser goldfinches
  • Carolina chickadees
  • Carolina wrens
  • Beewick wrens
  • painted buntings
  • golden-fronted woodpeckers

The holy grail for local birders are the painted buntings, Eanes said. Males are red, blue and lime green while females are lime green.

“You will not mistake them for any other birds because of that,” he said. “They vacation in the winter in Central America and come up here to have their babies in the summertime.”

Anyone who wants to learn more about the birds can check out a book from the library or purchase Birds of Texas Field Guide at his store. The book’s simple and easy to use — if you spot a brown bird,  thumb through the color-coded brown pages to identify it.

Eanes recommends Sibley Guide to Birds or Kaufman Guide to Birds for more-experienced birders.

Fun fact: The seed cylinders used at Tye Preston Memorial Library are made in New Braunfels. Their manufacturer ships them throughout the United States and Canada. Rest assured the birds on your screen are enjoying the freshest seed available.


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