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Canyon Lake boasts several boat marinas, yacht clubs and a ski club.

Amenities for boaters include 23 public and private boat ramps for easy access to the water. The lake has 22 ramps, one of which is upstream on the Guadalupe River leading into the lake.

The Army Corps of Engineers provides three downloadable maps that include locations of ramps only, ramps and fish attractors, and depth contours. Also provided on its website are a list of Comal County Ramp and Corps Park and Ramp closures. To see these maps, click HERE.


Don’t get confused! The Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Comal County name some of the ramps differently.

Here is a list of all known, legal boat ramps on Canyon Lake with the most commonly used known names for cross reference. Click HERE for more information. Fees are free or less than $10. Some ramp fees are including in camp fees. Several parks are for registered campers only.


An entrance and/or boat ramp fee is charged at most parks in Canyon Lake. To find more information about boat ramps located in one of the seven major parks operated by Army Corps of Engineers, click HERE then kick on one of the points on the map or a name in the chart shown on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s list of public access facilities.

Private boat rentals and marinas

Canyon Lake and Cranes Mill marinas are two of Canyon Lake’s premier boating and recreation spots. The family-oriented, full-service marinas provide fun and memorable experiences. Boat and watercraft rentals are available. For more information, click HERE.

Watercraft Rentals has a fleet of top-of-the-line watercraft including pontoon boats, ski boats and deck boats. Kneeboards, wake boards, skis and ski vests are included in all ski boat rentals. For more information, click HERE.

Canyon Lake Adventures offers jet ski rentals, boat rentals, pontoon party barge rentals, parasailing, jetpack rentals, Texas iFloats, sunset tours, kayak rentals, sup rentals and house boat rentals. For more information, click HERE.

Cross Wake Marinas Accessories provides boat, jet skis, pontoon boats, rising boats, water-propelled jetpacks, boat accessories, Uhauls, flyboards and Texas iFloats. For more information, click HERE.

Sunchaser Marina sells and rents boat equipment and supplies, boat storage, boat maintenance and repair, marine equipment and supplies.

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