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Canyon Lake Gorge

It took 100-million years to create this site!

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It took Mother Nature millions of years to lay down Glen Rose limestone during the Cretaceous Era.

A good part of her handiwork washed away in July 2002, when up to 67,000 cubic feet of water-per-second flowed over Canyon Lake’s spillway for six weeks following extensive flooding in the Guadalupe River basin.

The result — carved mostly in just three days — is one of the area’s most-riveting natural wonders, Canyon Lake Gorge. Approximately one mile long, hundreds of yards wide and up to 50 feet deep, the land below the Canyon Lake Spillway features:

  • dramatic vistas
  • Hidden Valley Fault (within Balcones Fault Zone)
  • geologic formations
  • beautiful lagoons and waterfalls
  • Trinity Aquifer
  • biologic succession
  • numerous seeps and springs
  • 110 million-year-old dinosaur tracks
  • extensive marine fossil diversity
  • hydraulic dynamics of Glen Rose Limestone

Tours highlight the Power of Water theme to increase visitors’ appreciation of:

  • Canyon Reservoir Project and Canyon Lake Gorge through partnership efforts between Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Gorge Preservation Society
  • geology of Central Texas
  • hydrogeology, especially the interconnectedness of groundwater and surface water
  • interrelationship between humans and the physical environment
  • process of biologic succession and common plants and animals found in natural communities of the gorge
  • appreciation of and respect for natural environment.

For the protection of this unique 40-million-year-old time capsule, only guided tours are available and must be booked in advance.

The three-hour tours are physically demanding and participants must carry their own bottled water. Backpacks are strongly recommended.

2075 FM 2673, Suite D
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

For more information, visit canyon gorge.org or call 830-964-5424.

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