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Canyon Lake Now 100-Percent Full After Today’s Storms

Image of Canyon Lake courtesy of MysticQuarry.com.

Canyon Lake is 100-percent full at 909.03 feet today after early morning storms caused the water level to rise from 908.86 feet on Tuesday.

It’s the first time this year the lake returned to its normal elevation of 909 feet. Extended drought kept lake levels low throughout most of the year, threatening the potential closure of several boat ramps.

Canyon Lake was just 902.47 feet or 86.5% full on April 27.

On Oct. 27, 2020, Canyon Lake was 91.3% full at 904.86 feet.

Levels recovered somewhat over the following months, rising to 906.51 feet or 94.7% full on July 27.

By Sept. 27, Canyon Lake was 92.7% full at 905.57 feet. By Oct. 20, thanks to a round of heavy rain, Canyon Lake was at 908.88 feet and 99.7% full.

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