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Canyon Lake Parks, Boat Ramps Remain Open in Wake of Abbott’s Order; Guadalupe Tubing Outfitters Say BYOT, the River’s Open Too

Tubing the Guadalupe River is still allowed provided you bring your own tube and can pay a tubing service for parking. Facebook image by Tube Haus.

Gov. Greg Abbott closed bars and tubing outfitters in an executive order this morning, but Canyon Lake’s county-operated boat ramps and parks will remain open.

Comal County Judge Sherman Krause has not ordered any further closures — yet.

“The county will continue to follow and enforce the governor’s orders,” county Public Information Officer Paul Anthony said in an email on Friday.

Meanwhile, tubing outfitters and Canyon Lake residents have taken to social media to express their reactions to today’s executive order, which states: “People shall not use commercial rafting or tubing services, including rental of rafts or tubes and transportation of people for the purpose of tubing.”

The order when into effect at noon on Friday, closing area businesses.

The popular Tubing the Guadalupe River Facebook page, which has over 9,000 followers, told its readers to contact Shanty or the Tube Haus at Horseshoe Bend to ask to pay for parking in exchange for using their venues to access the river.

“It does look like you can use your own tube to float the river as long as you access the water legally,” its post read. “The governor’s order does not specifically prohibit tubing using personal equipment. The problem is going to be accessing the river. At this point, you are just going to have to contact the tube rental services and see what, if anything, they have to offer in the way of getting you on the water using your tube.”

Tube Haus, 12454 FM Loop 306 in Canyon Lake, said it is offering parking and air for personal equipment. Parking is $30 per vehicle, $5 for air for a single-seat tube and $10 for a double-seat.

The outfitter has three parking locations.

Shanty Tubes, 12120 FM 306, aid it will allow patrons who bring their own tubes to pay for parking to access the public entrance and exit of the river.

Its hashtag is #socialdistancingwhilehavingfun. Responded one Facebook commenter: #shantystrong.

Other tubing services charging for access include Rockin R, with access at its Main, Double and Huaco Raft locations; and The Lone Star Float House which will allow access to the river from its property with purchase of day parking. Patrons can shuttle themselves.


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  1. Hank Kruse June 28, 2020

    As long as comal county is allowing it thenwe as Texans should be allowed to float the river and have fun….

  2. mark miller June 28, 2020

    No one is spreading covid by going tubing. It’s being spread by people congregating in poorly ventilated indoor spaces like bars and house parties. It’s being inhaled in these settings and that’s how it spreads. In an outdoor setting, the wind carries it away and disburses it enough to not cause other people to become infected. Think about it… it’s clear that it’s being spread in indoor settings.

    1. Blaine Smith July 2, 2020

      BS. It’s being spread by the thousands of people participating in riots, protests and demonstrations.

  3. Mark June 27, 2020

    Very disappointed with this Comal County Leadership decision. This decision adds COVID-19 risk to Comal County “residents”. Very shortsighted.

    1. Terry June 28, 2020

      Shortsighedness is the operative word,Mark.On every level of government dealing with this virus from the National to the state and local levels and people are sick and dying because of it.

  4. Pita June 27, 2020

    They wont be saying having fun when they get sick will they…

  5. Terry June 27, 2020

    Very dangerous.


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