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Canyon Lake’s Water Company Warns Stage 1 Drought Restrictions Aren’t Far Behind NBU’s Move to Stage 2

Canyon Lake-area customers are currently under SJWTX's year-round watering schedule.

Last week, New Braunfels Utilities warned the city soon could move from Stage 1 Drought Restrictions into Stage 2 as high temperatures increased water use and lack of significant rainfall caused Edwards Aquifer levels to drop.

SJWTX, doing business as Canyon Lake Water Service Company (CLWSC), also could move into Stage 1 restrictions in the very near future.

“As we continue to monitor the weather and water levels, it’s safe to say Stage 1 will be coming soon,” said Communication Specialist Tasa Carson.

Canyon Lake is currently operating under the utility’s year-round watering schedule, which limits landscape watering using in-ground or above-ground sprinkler systems to two days per week, from 7-10 a.m. or from 7-10 p.m.

CLWSC’s Stage 1 or Mild Conditions

“Reduce landscape watering for residential-and-commercial properties irrigation with a sprinkler or irrigation system to once a week. Variance requests will not be approved. Starting in Drought Stage 1, bulk customers can only pull water from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.”

  • Businesses and residences whose street address ends  in 0, 2, and 4 can only water on Mondays.
  • Businesses and residences whose street address ends in 1 and 3 can only water or Tuedays.
  • Businesses and residencces whose street address ends in 6 and 8 can only water on Wednesdays.
  • Businesses and residences whose street address ends in 5, 7 and 9 can only water on Fridays.
  • Businesses and residences with no street address can onlly water on Mondays.

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