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Second Cat Tests Positive for Rabies


A second cat in New Braunfels was diagnosed with rabies in April, highlighting the ongoing need to be cautious and alert as development in the county continues to bring people and pets into contact with wild animals.

The most recent case tested positive on April 27 in western New Braunfels. The Comal County Office of Public Health reminds residents to make sure their dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies, and if they come across a wild animal acting strangely, to stay away from the animal and call Comal County Animal Control or, inside the city limits, New Braunfels Animal Control.

According to the county: “If you are bitten by an animal, you should 1) Identify it so it can be captured and tested; 2) Immediately wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water, and apply an iodine-based antiseptic, if available; and 3) Consult a doctor as soon as possible to determine if you need further treatment.”

Another cat picked up by New Braunfels’ Animal Service Division also tested positive for rabies in April.

Owners of businesses in the area surrounding the 1600 block of Independence Drive were canvased to confirm nobody was exposed to the virus.

Environmental and Animal services divisions proactively test high-risk rabies carriers like fox, skunk, bat, raccoon, coyote populations as well as any domestic animals that display abnormal behavior or have known contact with a high risk carrier.

All suspected rabies cases are evaluated based on information gathered from the complainant as well as any known contact – or possible contact – by humans or domestic pets.

“The rabies virus is released in the saliva of an infected animal and an animal usually contracts rabies from the bite of an infected animal,” said Environmental Services Manager Bryan Ruiz. “However, the virus may also enter the body if the mucous membranes (the wet parts of the eyes, nose, or mouth) or a scratch or break in the skin have contact with saliva containing the rabies virus. Rabies occurs throughout the year in Texas and in all sections of the city and county.”

All dogs and cats over four months of age should be vaccinated for rabies by a veterinarian.

The public should avoid contact with any suspected rabid wild animal or stray cat or dog.

In New Braunfels, call Animal Services at 830-608-2183 or email them at AnimalServices@nbtexas.org. Comal County’s Animal Control office can be reached at 830-608-2016. Click here for more information.


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