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Urgent: Rescue Group Needs Help with Cats

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Urgent: Rescue Group Needs Help with Cats

Animal Rescue Connections needs help rehoming indoor/outdoor cats it rescued from a hoarding situation. The group will deliver the animals to anyone living within a 100 mile radius of Canyon Lake. (File photo.)

by Jenny Burgess
Animal Rescue Connections

“Animal Rescue Connections needs urgent help to place cats from a hoarding rescue. We picked up 27 cats that were supposed to be a simple trap, neuter and return but when I saw the conditions I just couldn’t return these poor creatures. Some are really friendly and would be great indoor/outdoor kitties. Others want to be outdoor mousers, working for just food and shelter.

“Out here in the country, everyone can benefit by having a few healthy cats to deter the rodents. If the rodents move away because of the cat patrol then generally the snakes will follow because rodents are a snake’s main food source. This is using Mother Nature to our advantage!

“These cats are all neutered and had their rabies vaccinations. Do you know people with ranches, farms or backyards, who could take one or two (or more) cats? Please forward this to your connections. Perhaps they are looking for a couple of great rodent deterrents? Our volunteers will deliver the cats to within 100 miles radius of Canyon Lake and set them up for their confinement stage to acclimate to the location.

“Please help! These cats deserve better futures!”

For more information, visit animalrescueconnections.org or call 210-474-0083.

March Is Kitten Season

Editor’s Note: In an interview last March, Burgess talked to MyCanyonLake.com about Canyon Lake’s March kitten season:

“The biggest thing people need to understand is that this is a community problem and it has to be solved by the community,” she says. “Our little band of volunteers is not going to hack it. People need support, and they need to know there are resources available that are affordable. It is not hard at all. But the questions that people ask stop them from going ahead and doing anything.”

“Letting nature take its course leads to misery for the cat,” she says. “If kittens all survive, there’s a tragedy to that. Most of these kittens are born to die. Is that really what we should be allowing? They’re fodder for coyotes, hawks, disease and fire ants. And it’s not just kittens. Adult male cats are programmed to fight each other. They have horrific fights, deep wounds and so on. The females are destined to be either set upon by males, and they’re probably undernourished and fighting to feed their kittens while fighting off males who want to get at their kittens and kill them.”

The best, and most-humane solution for both cats and humans is to trap the felines, vet them, and return or set them loose again in the communities they came from, she says.

Burgess learned the hard way. The graphic designer founded a wildly successful TNR cat-rescue program in San Antonio in 2004 after she and a neighbor tried to catch stray cats and find homes for them.

“That’s the admirable thing to do, but we realized we were not going to adopt our way out of this problem,” she says. “We realized we’ve got to stop kittens from being born.”

About Animal Rescue Connections

Animal Rescue Connections (ARC), a 501(c)(3) organization, works as a compassionate advocate for animals by fostering and placing cats; by participating in and providing education in trap, neuter, and return programs for feral outdoor cats; and by contributing to a network to get the word out when pets are missing or found. Primarily serving Bulverde, Comal County, and Northern San Antonio, ARC is an all-foster based organization with volunteers who are passionate about our adoption, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), and helpline programs. Since 2004, we have worked to educate and assist in all aspects of animal rescue.  Like the animals that come our way, ARC may be small, but we make a big difference in people’s and animals’ lives. You can make a difference, too!


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