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CLHS Principal Denies ‘Possible Act of Violence’ Planned at School Today

This image was allegedly left on mirrors in Canyon Lake High School bathrooms or texted to students today, causing some to flee the campus. Principal Mark Oberholtzer said it was all a rumor.

Concerned Canyon Lake High School parents took to social media to try and piece together what happened at the school today after a student allegedly started a rumor that a shooting was planned in the cafeteria during lunch hours.

Details are sketchy but the rumor forced Principal Mark Oberholtzer to email/text parents around 10:30 a.m. today reassuring them that no “possible act of violence” was planned at the school.

According to social media accounts, an image warning of a school shooting was either posted on bathroom mirrors at the school or texted between students — or both.

Parents were already nervous in the wake of a Monday email from the principal informing them that a child brought a weapon to school on Friday. Administrators said they were not aware of the incident until the students’ parents informed them on Monday.

“We have been made aware of concerns circulating among students, and out in the community, regarding a possible act of violence taking place here on campus today,” Oberholtzer said today. “We have spoken with several students, these concerns are based on continued conversations regarding the incident that occurred last Friday.

“Please know that at this time we have no evidence of there being any credible threat on campus,” Oberholtzer wrote. “Anything you are hearing about there being a planned act of violence is simply a rumor fueled by last week’s incident.”

Comal ISD did not issue an official statement regarding either of the two incidents and Comal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) did not immediately return an email requesting further information.

However, CLHS parent Autumn Kelley said on Facebook she was asked to tell parents about what happened at the school today.

“A kid started this mess with a rumor,” she said. “He made up everything and told some kids he overheard there was a threat. From there, rumors went wild. He has admitted guilt to fabricating the rumor. The sheriff’s office has gotten involved to properly handle this. There never was a real threat. Just letting you all know.”

On Monday, Oberholtzer said Friday’s incident should serve as a reminder for parents and guardians to remain vigilant about what their children are involved in, have access to, or are going through at home or school.

“Our students are often the first line of defense when it comes to keeping our school safe as they have first-hand knowledge about what their classmates are doing,” he said. “I ask that you use this incident today as a teachable moment with your child to help confirm with them the important role they play in keeping our school safe.”

Students may not have received Oberholtzer’s Monday memo but according to social media reports, they took that responsibility seriously today, leaving campus or calling their parents to come pick them up.

One parent said there was chaos when she arrived at school today while another said the school’s gates were wide open and there was no visible sign of extra security save a lone CCSO vehicle in the parking lot.

Conflicting reports say the front-office staff was nonchalant about today’s incident, telling students they were overreacting while others say teachers were concerned enough to shut down and lock up their classrooms.

Although CLHS was not ordered to go under lockdown today, three Northside ISD schools in San Antonio did as a precautionary measure after someone fired a shot at a restaurant across the street from John Jay High School.

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  1. vanessa October 29, 2021

    my kid says they never updated the children in the highschool, everyone was freaking out and they
    left it at that.


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