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CLWSC Lifts Outdoor Irrigation Ban

The majority of the water provided to Canyon Lake Water Service Company's Canyon Lake Shores System is produced at the Canyon Lake Shores Surface Water Treatment Plant. Raw water is pumped from Canyon Lake and is moved through two ClariCone® clarifiers to remove solids and organic matter. The settled water passes through the three granular activated carbon (GAC) filters shown in the photo, each with the capacity of two million gallons of water a day. As the water leaves the filters, it is injected with a chlorine solution of mixed oxidants for final disinfection and is allowed contact time in the storage tank prior to being pumped to the distribution system.

Canyon Lake Water Service Company today said it is lifting the indoor-use only water restrictions it issued last week after a zebra-mussel infestation clogged intake pipes at the utility’s Canyon Lake Shores treatment plant, forcing the utility to restrict landscape irrigation.

“This was impacting our Canyon Lake Shores Water Treatment Plant serving the north side of Canyon Lake, as well as the cities of Blanco, Spring Branch, and Bulverde,” CLWSC Customer Service Manager Larry Jackson said. “We are moving back to our year-round watering schedule that allow customers to conduct landscape irrigation from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. or, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on two designated days per week based on the last digit of their address.”

CLWSC will continue to monitor the production, storage and consumption of water, as well as dry weather conditions.

Jackson warned the continued drought could result in other future restrictons.

“We understand this was a difficult situation for users and we are thankful for their partnership with us as we worked through this situation,” he said.  “Our main priority is to have drinking water supply to meet the health and safety of our customers.”

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