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TPM Library
Curbside service will be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Items can be ordered through online accounts.
comal county courthouse
Comal County said late Friday there still are no reported cases of COVID-19 in the county.
Although details of how CRRC might respond if the crisis worsens are not available, Schein said one possibility is that the Food Pantry would begin providing pre-packaged orders instead of allowing individuals to shop for themselves, a practice that was implemented when CRRC moved into its new building. The charity also is paying particular concern to hygiene to protect the health of staff, volunteers and clients.
comal isd covid-19
Comal ISD cancels classes for March 16-20 along with extracurricular events.
Community Resource and Recreation Center of Canyon Lake (CRRC) says it has stepped up its efforts to clean and sanitize all door handles, counters, restrooms, and other surfaces frequently handled by multiple people many times throughout the day.
Canyon Lake Fire/EMS Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Canyon Lake Fire/EMS is screening 911 callers for coronavirus (COVID-19).
New Braunfels Fire Department
New Braunfels Fire Department will respond to 911 calls that may be related to the Novel 2019 Coronavirus using personel who are specifically trained and equipped to respond to hazardous materials/biological incidents.
corona virus
Image courtesy of WebMD.com
Corona Virus
Image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Inspection.