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Crownover Kicks Off Campaign


Press Release from Jen Crownover, Comal County Commissioner Pct. 4:

“There’s been some confusion lately with the pending amendment election (on Nov. 7) and some flyers that have been circulating in the community about when it’s time for suit up and cast your ballot for Precinct 4 Commissioner again.

That time is coming soon—March 6, (2018) to be exact (early voting starts February 20)! Over the past three years, it has been an incredible honor to work for you, and I look forward to another four years, if you—my community, voters, supporters, friends, neighbors, and constituents—will have me.

I have delayed kicking off my re-election campaign amid some very exciting news. I’d like to take this moment to congratulate my previous campaign treasurer, Darren Brinkkoeter, who took the job as the Chief for Canyon Lake Fire/EMS (ESD 2 & 3).

As a result, it has become a conflict of interest for him to serve in that capacity for my campaign. I am so proud that he has been chosen for this new role of leadership, and in no way did I want to put him in a position of compromise, so I have held off on announcing my re-election campaign until I could recruit a new treasurer to serve for my campaign.

Announces New Treasurer

Recently, I filed the appropriate paperwork to appoint Brannon Brooke as my campaign treasurer. Not only has he been a constituent, friend, and peer of mine in the New Braunfels community, but he’s also a family friend, with roots in the same town I grew up in. When asked, he was thrilled to step up and serve. I’m extremely proud to have such a strong community leader on my team at this capacity.

In my initial bid for this job, I promised several things, including being “fiscally conservative; good stewardship of our resources (financial, land, scenic beauty, water, and human resources); promote smart, sustainable growth; support of emergency services and law enforcement; support of families, communities, and volunteer services; and open communication and excellent accessibility” (quoted from my campaign materials).

Discusses Track Record

You’re the one grading the test, but I’ve worked very hard to make strides in all of those categories.

In addition to keeping these promises, I’ve been able to do the following:

• I started a newsletter, which has gone out a few times a year, every year since I took office.

• Instead of using tax dollars to fund my newsletter, I raised donations from the community to cover the cost, to keep it in print (as well as digital avenues), to reach more people, and continue to do so.

• I was the first in the county, other than the Sheriff’s Office, to reach citizens via social media. First with Facebook, and NextDoor soon after.

• Once I proved it worked, other parts of the county joined in—including the County, Emergency Management, County Clerk, District Clerk, Constables’ Offices, and Fire/EMS.

• NextDoor (which I joined as a beta tester) was also joined several months later by the Sheriff’s Office, Constables, Fire/EMS, and most recently PEC (utilities).

• I hosted an educational lunch-n-learn, where it was a packed house that covered topics useful to HOAs, environmental health, and facets of the AgriLife Extension Office. I have another one in the works for February 2018.

• When I have openings for different boards (Emergency Service Districts (ESDs), Water Oriented Recreation District (WORD), Groundwater Conservation District (GCD), etc), I open them up to anyone to apply, and publicize the openings. This might sound basic and silly, but I’m the only commissioner (even still) to utilize this practice. I consistently attract 12-40 applicants every time there is an opening, and am very proud of the talent I’ve been able to recruit to these important boards.

• I’ve consistently held office hours out in the county every Tuesday, alternating between two fire stations in our precinct. This has earned a strong following—I see more residents on those days than the rest of the week, combined!

• I was one of 13 Commissioners and Judges throughout the state chosen for the two year V.G. Young County Commissioners and Judges Leadership Academy, where we learned many things to make us better leaders, and learned more about effectively navigating government at the state and federal levels.

• I’ve been appointed to the state committee that oversees continuing education for commissioners and judges throughout the state.

• Earlier this year, the Canyon Lake Masons awarded me their coveted Community Builder Award, which recognizes outstanding non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the community.

• Most recently, I was honored by the New Braunfels Jaycees with their inaugural “40 under 40” Rising Stars Award, to recognize our community’s young leaders who are making a positive impact in their professional and/or civic endeavors.

• I’ve put together a comprehensive website for my county page that includes much more than the “standard” page that my peers use. It’s more open, and it’s more informative. I’ve been told many times it is the only place online that you can find information about the boards that the county appoints to serve on behalf of the citizens. I know people use it regularly because the analytic data consistently ranks my site at the top of all county pages. (http://www.co.comal.tx.us/Comal_County_P…)

• My county website also includes my social media posts embedded, so that folks who are not on social media can still stay up to date with where I am or what I’m doing for you.

• I also think it’s worth pointing out that I have not faded in my outreach or communication with the community—it’s what I do on a daily basis to be available, accessible, and open.

Asks for Support

So now that the paperwork is filed appropriately, I humbly ask for your support as I continue to serve as your Precinct 4 Commissioner, to keep my job for another term, and continue to raise the bar for service to this great community that my family and I call home.

In the upcoming campaign season, I urge anyone who would like to help or be involved with my re-election to follow and/or contact me via campaign pages (not my office page), as I will do my best to keep my job and campaign separate. The campaign pages are: www.votecrownover.com (to be updated in the next few days), or www.facebook.com/votecrownover .

I will continue to work hard on your behalf, and if any county issues come up, please don’t hesitate to contact my office for assistance.

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