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Crownover Says No Need to Panic in Comal County

Canyon Lake-area Comal County Pct. 4 Commissioner Jen Crownover says there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in the county and urges residents to just keep "living your lives."

by Jen Crownover, Comal County Pct. 4 Commissioner

I know everyone is glued to the news about this virus, and some of y’all are on edge—especially after last Friday’s news of the SXSW festival being canceled.

However—there is no need to panic. The decision to cancel SXSW was made largely because of how big the event is, and ESPECIALLY the large percentage of international attendance.

Many of y’all are wondering what that means for events in Comal County—especially with regard to our many concert venues.

While this is a very dynamic situation, and things could change, there have been no confirmed cases in Comal County, and at this time there is no move to put any limitations or restrictions on events in our area.

The best advice is just to keep living your lives. Go to the game. Enjoy the concert. Gather your groceries. Go to your meetings.

Take whatever precautions you feel are best for yourself and your family—and wash your hands.

Our public health and emergency management professionals are monitoring this situation. When/if something changes that makes us need to take higher precautionary measures, you’ll be the first to know.

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  1. Jaylena March 10, 2020

    It’s ok till people come back from their “Cruise’s”. Anyone going on a cruise should have to notify local government and be monitored. Lots of infectious people don’t even know they are sick.


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