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Davenport High School Student Arrested for Terroristic Threat, Danville Middle Schooler Faces Disciplinary Action for Talk Of “Shooting Up the School”

Comal ISD's Davenport High School. Image courtesy of Comal ISD.

Two Comal ISD students face disciplinary action this week after threatening violence on their respective campuses.

Danville Middle School Principal Jason Munmert advised parents in an email today that a student who was overheard making a comment about “shooting up the school” was immediately removed from class, searched, and interviewed by campus administrators and law enforcement.

The student’s parents were contacted.

“Based on the investigation, it was determined that the student was not making a serious threat nor do they have the intent or means to carry out the threat,” Munmert said. “Although the comments were made jokingly the student will be facing disciplinary consequences.”

A Davenport High School student who threatened to harm other students on Wednesday was arrested by Comal County Sheriff’s Office deputies and charged with making terroristic threats, Principal Matthew DeLoach said.

The student will not be allowed to return to campus.


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