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Dec. 3 Lake & River Conditions

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Dec. 3 Lake & River Conditions


Current Conditions:

  • Guadalupe River @ Spring Branch (Upper): 49.5 cfs
  • Guadalupe River @ Sattler (Lower): 55.4 cfs
  • Guadalupe River @ New Braunfels: 95.1 cfs
  • Canyon Lake Reservoir: 904.10

Guadalupe River Threshold Flow Status:

  • Up to 500 cfs   Recreational
  • 500 – 750 cfs   Challenging
  • 750 – 1000 cfs   Strenuous
  • 1000 – 3000 cfs   Extreme Caution; Tubing Not Recommended
  • 3000+ cfs   Dangerous; Guided Rafts Suggested

Comal River Threshold Flow Status:

  • 100 – 500 cfs Recreational flow- safe for all activities – tubing open for all levels of swimmers
  • 500 – 1000 cfs Use extreme caution – all activities questionable – flows of this magnitude are usually caused by rainfall and involve turbid water and floating debris – contact river outfitters for more information
  • 1000 cfs River Closed

For realtime streamflow data at all points along the Guadalupe, click here. For realtime streamflow data on the Comal, click here. For a live webcam of the Comal River, click here. For a live webcam of Canyon Lake, click here. To see U.S. Geological Service realtime data for the Guadalupe River @Sattler (Canyon Lake), click here.

For more on everything water, visit wordcc.com or gbra.org.

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