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Democrats Cancel Rallies after Trump Train Swarms Biden Bus, Sparking Safety Fears

Wendy Davis, second from left, who is running for U.S. House of Representatives District 21, was one of several prominent Texas Democrats riding on the Biden Bus today when members of the Trump Train surrounded it, sparking safety concerns.

A Biden Bus carrying several prominent Texas Democratic candidates from San Antonio to Austin on Friday was forced to cancel a campaign stop in San Marcos and at other events, including a rally in Austin, after dozens of vehicles flying Trump flags swarmed around it on I-35, sparking safety concerns.

The bus was leaving a campaign event in San Antonio as part of a “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” tour staged by Democrats as U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris campaigned in other parts of the state.

Aboard the bus were Wendy Davis, the Democrat who is running against incumbent Republican Chip Roy for the 21st Congressional District; Democratic Congressman Rep. Lloyd Doggett, who represents District 35; and Roland Gutierrez, a candidate for Texas senate District 19.

Members of the Trump Train also allegedly damaged a white SUV and cursed at Biden supporters.

Randi Ceh, wife of Trump Train NB Founder Steve Ceh, posted a video on her Facebook page showing trucks and cars surround the bus as it drove through New Braunfels. New Braunfels Trump Train also posted this video on YouTube.

It is unclear when or where members of the New Braunfels Trump Train joined the convoy, but the video appears to have been taken around the Solms Road Exit 183 as the Biden Bus headed north.

Ceh declined to comment for this article but did share another video she said proves the Biden Bus tried to run a Trump vehicle off the road. This video, which is inconslusive, will be uploaded to the site tomorrow.

Waiting for the bus in San Marcos was Erin Zwiener, who is up for reelection for Texas House District 45, along with her supporters. She confirmed cancellation of her campaign event in a Facebook video.

“We’re a little bit disappointed right now because of harassment from the Trump Train the bus was not safely able to stop,” she said, adding Texas voters would not be intimidated by this kind of behavior

“Scared to come to Texas, I don’t know why?” comments an unidentified man in a video posted by Facebook user Mimi Vetter, which shows dozens of vehicles accompanying the Biden Bus between New Braunfels and San Marcos.

In this video, shared by Ceh and on NB Local Facebook page, an unidentified laughing man describes the scene as “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. They’re like literally escorting him out of town.

NB Local also posted to Facebook a video taken at I-35 and FM 725.

Gloria Meehan, Comal County Democratic Party chair, said this kind of behavior by the New Braunfels Trump Train is ruining Comal County’s reputation as a great place to live and visit.

“Frankly, I feel sorry for those involved with the Trump Train that they have nothing worthwhile to do, but drive around aimlessly, harassing and intimidating,” she said. “Why? Nothing good comes of idleness and bad intentions. They’re rudderless, adrift, lost in a sea of discontent. It’s unsustainable, and behavior like this strikes at the heart of our community and is driving our economy into the ground as folks no longer feel safe coming to New Braunfels and will take their tourist dollars elsewhere. The word is Comal County, for all its beauty, is dangerous and unwelcoming.”

On Thursday, a volunteer working at Democratic party headquarters in New Braunfels called police after a Trump supporter — who has sat outside the office since it opened in July, harassing anyone who walked through the door — began screaming and cursing.

Three police cars responded to the scene.

That evening, Trump Train New Braunfels posted on its Facebook page that 650 vehicles and over 1,100 people attended its weekly rally, making it “THE best Trump Train EVER.”

In Houston on Thursday, Republicans brought a casket to the Biden Bus Tour that contained a dark-haired mannequin some believed depicted Kamala Harris.

Inside was a mail-in ballot next to the mannequin that read, “Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time.”




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  1. The Veteran November 2, 2020

    Some random serious and humorous thoughts on this topic…Anyone who hasn’t actually served to support and defend the constitution should just sit down and enjoy your freedom as if you haven’t done a thing to pay for it…because you probably haven’t. You just talk talk talk talk talk talk!! I laugh when I am given some weak excuse about how you couldn’t raise your hand take the military oath and now you ride around and scream how patriotic you are. This is totally unnecessary because everyone can’t serve and you can’t really exude patriotism!

    Also, please don’t continue to twist yourself in knots wasting your time trying to suppress the inevitable…minorities will be the majority soon enough. That’s the one thing you can’t stand and there is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING you can do about it! Most of your children don’t even think like you and that is a tragedy. Most of you are cool when you are not in political character and probably 50% of my friends are weirdly conservative or unapologetically progressive. But in conversation, I can only take so much of either of their position politics. However, my kids are friends with your kids or play HS sports with them so I see you all the time and I have a pretty decent time interacting with you for the most part. The other 50% of my friends are like me…live and let live and keep politics out of our friendships and interactions. Yes, they are a very diverse group of friends I made while in the Military.

    BLUF – You can’t handle the truth – Americans can vote however they want and at the end of the day…”It is what it is” Trump or Biden. So what is your purpose? You are not Influencers. I leave you with this and most will understand where it comes from…or you are not a true ‘Merican!

    “You weep for your right to be free and you curse the progressive-leaning America we actually live in. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know; that Trump might not win, while tragic to you, it will probably save lives. And my progressive existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me to vote progressive. You need me to vote this way. We use words like science, truth, and love. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline.”

    Love all you guys…for real! Now stop with the extracurriculars and love me back! If you see a bald 50 something, black dude, with a 1st Cavalry Division T-Shirt on sitting at the bar, it’s not me. I am the 50 something black dude one with shorts sandals and a Captain America shirt on trying to find a new her/she since the last one grew tired of me…so buy me a beer and let’s talk about what everyone used to talk about…sports, family, where we have been, but not how many people I have killed in combat (never appropriate)…then thank me for my service and the next round is on me if you are cool regardless of politics! Way better deal than chasing down busses because I am interesting AF!

  2. “The Trump supports are some of the nicest and most patriotic people on this earth.”

    I have to call BS on this, with regards to the people in this story. Actual “nice and patriotic” people would have respected the 1A rights of others and allowed the Biden Bus to travel its route in peace. Actual “nice and patriotic” people, if they had had urge the express their own 1A rights for their candidate, would have found any one of the countless places in the county where the Biden bus was not, and had their parade there. Regardless of whether any legal lines got crossed, this was all about being bullies and jerks. It’s not a wise choice in a place that depends so heavily on tourism.

    1. Jack Sims November 2, 2020

      certainly would not know that from the domestic terrorism they have conspired to attack fellow Americans. sounds more like the fbi should consider federal charges and put these hoodlums behind bars so everyone will be a little safer.

  3. jimmy rustled November 1, 2020

    unlike the riots, with burning and looting…there was nothing, burned, stolen or destroyed here..well maybe the egos of the left..

    1. Katydid November 2, 2020

      The old “what about____?!” Tactic. Irrelevant. Your comment is regarding the unfortunate but very real actions that are taking place because, like it or not, civil rights movements are often violent. Violence does beget violence, after all.
      This issue is about intimidating voters and suppressing people’s right to gather in support of a candidate. Which is just about as UNAMERICAN it gets, wouldn’t you say? It only works one way for you, does it? Both sides should be equally afforded the same freedom and promise of safety. If you don’t agree with that, then you are definitely not FOR America.

  4. 100% Texan November 1, 2020


    Watch this video from Houston, yeah these people are so dangerous, dumb ass rednecks.

    The commenters on here need to educated themselves before showing their true colors


  5. CLS November 1, 2020

    On the contrary, New Braunfels and Comal County seem to be one of the safest places on earth! #RedKingdom #GodBlessTexas

  6. David D November 1, 2020

    It’s official, California has taken over the beautiful Comal County! You panty waste Anti-American socialist cry and rant about a few patriots and proud Texicans getting out and practicing their First Amendment rights but yet burning down Portland, Minneapolis, the fecalholes called New York, D.C. Baltimore, defunding the Police…silence! Get in your vehicles and follow the Biden Bus out of Texas, y’all won’t be missed. Y’all threatening taking you money elsewhere, y’all won’t be missed either.

  7. Juan November 1, 2020

    This is the pot calling the kettle black. The Trump Train (TT) people are good folks and I assure you didn’t do anything wrong. These accusations are false, and in fact (with video proof) are the opposite of what happened. I’m glad this is being investigated. Now the Dem staffer will be questioned as to why they ran into the truck on the highway and left the scene of the accident. They did not block the bus from doing anything, simply rode along side. They did not “flash firearms”…that’s utter nonsense. Its no more voter intimidation than having a Biden/Harris flag on your vehicle. You must be feeling guilty as you likely supported the actions of BLM who did/do block traffic, intimidate, flash guns, riot, steal, burn, etc…. The TT people just showed you how to peacefully protest, learn the lesson. The problem isn’t necessarily only the media in this country, it’s the people that will believe anything that supports their own petty self serving agendas. Grow up, use that thing between your ears.

  8. Gus Grissom November 1, 2020

    Congratulations my canyon lake.com, whatever that is! You just got your best exposure ever by far thanks to a story about a “Trump Train”! Awesom!

  9. 100% Texan November 1, 2020

    Are you people commenting on here serious? The Trump supports are some of the nicest and most patriotic people on this earth. Your comments above amaze me. “Arrogant Abusers”, “Uncalled for Behavior”, “Stupid, Dangerous, Reckless” do you guys even know what you are talking about?? 100’s/1000’s of Patriotic Americans getting together to show their support against the Demonrat party who supports socialism/communism, the killing of babies up to and after birth, support the burning and looting that continues to this day throughout America, who are Anti Police.

    I have attended many Trump trains and have found that these people are some of the nicest people on the planet and they make me proud to see that everyday Americans will take time to show their support for American Values!!

    You Snowflakes amaze me!!!


  10. Lisa O October 31, 2020

    Unless civility returns to the New Braunfels area, my family won’t vacation there again.

    1. Melody Young November 1, 2020

      I’m with you on that. 100% agree. This is balderdash. Stalking, trolling, harassment, arrogance, abuse! And these fools are proud of this? Not one cent of my money will go to these areas. I’ll make sure to gas up elsewhere. Won’t stop there. No fast food, nothing. These people shame Texas, and their community better get it together right quick. Unacceptable behavior. Ugly. And embarrassing.

    2. Trump 1%er November 1, 2020

      I doubt you will be missed honestly

    3. michael rhoads November 1, 2020

      Nobody asked you and your eleitist group to move here or to stop here. Grab your liberal politics and go back to where you came from your kind is not wanted here

  11. JJ Smith October 31, 2020

    Forgot Coronavirus, mental illness is spreading faster.

  12. TheTruthHurts October 31, 2020

    Join the Trump Train!
    We are not dedicated to burning down our Republic but call out those who do!

    1. 864511320 November 1, 2020

      Oh hell no! You’re proud of this lunacy?

    2. Jerbear November 1, 2020

      Agreed … driving around is WAY better then burning buildings, \flags and hurting people and police in riots. These Trump people should be commended for their good behavior!

    3. Steven Wilson November 1, 2020

      I hate Trump and Biden and had every intention of staying home on Tuesday. Seeing this behavior has actually inspired me to hold my nose and vote for Biden. I’m gonna feel really gross doing it. But voting against Trump and his “Trump trains” will be worth it. For people that claim to be for law and order you sure do behave like lawless terrorists.

  13. Saddened by this. October 31, 2020

    People like this are the reason that decency needs to win on the ballot on Tuesday.

    If you are tired of the President enabling and encouraging these racists and bullies you must make sure you get to the polls. It won’t change these people, it won’t make them any less nasty and bitter. It will just return control over the country to the adults that can handle those that flirt with domestic terrorism accountable for their actions.

    Imagine feeling so emboldened by your candidate that you feel like you can try and run a bus off the road of a political candidate without consequence. Vote! Vote! Vote!

  14. Zen Sailor October 31, 2020

    the Klan……without the hoods !!!…I don’t know if Texas digressed to this….or never rose above it .

  15. Mark October 31, 2020

    That’s a pretty cogent and measured analysis LG, and I appreciate finding rational thought in a county I have called home for well over a dozen years. However, the snowflakes that comprise the Trump Train, and the Trump cult generally, do not respond to rational thought. They are afraid, and they feel comfortable acting like wannabe warriors because they reside in a tiny, fevered, echo chamber that lacks diversity of thought – or real courage. They are cowards. The truth of the matter is that all it will take to get these cowards to skitter back into their holes is a gentle brush-back. Next thing you know the Trump train will be lining up at the Wash Tub to have the pee-pee steamed out of their truck seats.

  16. Reynaldo Martinez October 31, 2020

    Get A Rope?

    It’s time to stop this virus of division and ignorance led by 1 individual who has brought out the Dark Angels of Mankind’s nature, it will not end well for anyone as far as Comal County is concerned, it is now becoming a Town that needs to be avoided, as the anger and and ignorance are being tolerated by the local government of New Braunfels. It paints a picture that they condone a old Texas tradition,

    It’s called get a rope!

    It’s a sad day in Texas when mob mentality rules the moment, but it will not win the war, there are no winners in war.

    Unfortunately now Comal County looks like a nest of dumbass rednecks, and that’s a damn shame because there good people who do not condone this moronic mentality and then now you have a bunch of mislead Outsiders and locals who officials let them run rampant. Do we have to refight the Civil War again? Haven’t we learned a a damn thing ! apparently not.

    In case everyone in Comal County has seem to forgotten we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic so do we really need the negative energy that flows rampant in the Hill Country?

    May God save us all.

  17. LG October 31, 2020

    I am very sad to read this article and have seen the video weather. The Ceh family moved here just 3 years ago and have spent the last 6 months dividing New Braunfels in two. How can newcomers to our friendly accepting town that welcomes tens of thousands of tourists each year, into a place that make anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter feel unwelcome and afraid.

    My husband and I personally encountered the group 2 Thursdays in a row in August and I contacted Chief Tom Wibert and Mayor Rusty Brockman about our encounter afraid things would escalate each week. More and more people reached out to the City and the NBPD the following weeks. Multiple incidents occurred. I read the group met and agreed they wanted nothing bad to happen and claimed the “bad actors” were not part of their group while meeting out at Creekside. Several incidents happened while they met up out there.

    They moved and I only know what has been shown in videos online. Still ugly negative comments have been said against anyone who is not part of the Trump Train. They are not about love and acceptance or getting along. They act like they cornered the market on patriotism and Christianity. They have not. Steve Ceh who is said to hype them up before they all disperse with with a prayer and sermon of sorts and then a patriotic song.

    i am really curious to know why they moved here from Vegas?How did they pick New Braunfels? How have they garnered a cult like following in 6 months? Had Covid and quarantine not hit, would they have people blindly following?

    I have not had an opportunity to meet them. Being run off the road and harassed 2 weeks in a row didn’t encourage our desire to meet them.

    If this is the home town they choose, why are they working so hard to run everyone off?

    What they did today on IH 35 was not only stupid, it was dangerous and reckless. If you don’t like something, ignore it. That’s what those who complained to City officials and the NBPD were told.

    The continuous hammering on anyone not part of their group, has become dangerous. How do this many people manage to never have to work?

    We moved here over 32 years ago and have raised 3 sons from birth to adulthood in New Braunfels. 2 bought house when they got married and chose to start abs purview oldest still lives in town. My husband and i both work locally. We love New Braunfels. We are not crazy socialists and work hard and pay our taxes, attend church, volunteer and are very civic minded.

    As more and more join the Trump Teain in NB it becomes more dangerous. It would be nice if everyone all had the same rights and dangerous actors didn’t try to harass, intimidate and ruin people off the road.

    1. Lakelover October 31, 2020

      Thank you. This type of behavior is uncalled for. It is not the New Braunsfels that I grew up to love.

    2. Missy October 31, 2020

      It would be nice for Americans to not be harassed, if all citizens had the same rights.
      Sadly that has been far from reality for any conservatives this election period. But we don’t just have a train of supporters drive past us, no the democrats and their liberal goons punch, stab, scream at us, vandalize our neighborhoods
      It’s easy for you to say nothing as long as it’s happening to someone else isn’t it?

    3. Melody Young November 1, 2020

      Thank you for speaking out. All these arrogant abusers need to be shut down. We are done with this as a community, whoever wins this election. No more.

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