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Dog Kills Rabid Raccoon, Animal Control Urges Residents to Vaccinate Pets

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Comal County Animal Control confirmed that a raccoon killed by a dog on Sept. 23 tested positive for rabies.

“Animal control officers say it’s not rare to see cases like this since rabies has not been eradicated,” said Cary Zayas, public information officer for the county.

“The best way to protect a family pet from rabies is to make sure they are vaccinated,” she said.

According to Animal Control, the owner of a dog or cat should vaccinate their pet against rabies after the age of three months and before the age of four months.

All animals must receive a second rabies vaccination within one year of receiving their first vaccination, regardless of the type of vaccine used or the age at which the animal was initially vaccinated. After the second rabies vaccination, the dog or cat must be vaccinated against rabies at least every three years.

For more information see Rabies and Animal Control Order #171 on MyComalCounty.com.


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