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‘Farewell to the Queen:’ CRRC Announces Schein’s Retirement

Community Resource and Recreation Center of Canyon Lake (CRRC) Development Director Maureen Schein, center, receives a $1,000 donation from the from the Knights of Columbus' Bob Pessia, left, and Jim Trevino. File image from 2019.

‘Farewell to the Queen.’

In an email late today, Community Resource and Recreation Center of Canyon Lake’s (CRRC) Director of Operations Mike Slough announced that Maureen Schein, development director, is retiring after many years of service to the Canyon Lake Community.

“Some of you may not know, but Maureen has decided to retire from CRRC,” Slough said in a group email also signed by Resource Program Director Camille Cooper and Executive Director Jason Derscheid.  “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that her last day will be this coming Friday, July 2, though we are excited for the future blessings that await her.”

Schein, who planned recent grand-opening celebrations for the CRRC’s new building, described the facility as “my dream, back in 2012.”

“How will I be taking a piece of the ribbon home with me,” she said. “What I can’t put in a bag, box or hang on the wall are all the memories of the people I’ve met through the CRRC. I will treasure those most of all.”

Schein describes the volunteers she’s worked with over the years as family.

“These beautiful hearts are dedicated to CRRC, to helping others, and to making the world — or at least Canyon Lake — a better place,” she said. “We couldn’t run the CRRC without them, and for a little while during COVID we had to. It was awful. They do things they may not want to do, things that aren’t fun. But they do them with grace and kindness. They have taught me so much.”

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