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Feb. 25 Lake & River Conditions

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Feb. 25 Lake & River Conditions


Current Conditions:

  • Guadalupe River @ Spring Branch (Upper): 68.8 cfs
  • Guadalupe River @ Sattler (Lower): 79.3 cfs
  • Guadalupe River @ New Braunfels: 120 cfs
  • Canyon Lake Reservoir: 903.32 ft

Guadalupe River Threshold Flow Status:

  • Up to 500 cfs   Recreational
  • 500 – 750 cfs   Challenging
  • 750 – 1000 cfs   Strenuous
  • 1000 – 3000 cfs   Extreme Caution; Tubing Not Recommended
  • 3000+ cfs   Dangerous; Guided Rafts Suggested

Comal River Threshold Flow Status:

  • 100 – 500 cfs Recreational flow- safe for all activities – tubing open for all levels of swimmers
  • 500 – 1000 cfs Use extreme caution – all activities questionable – flows of this magnitude are usually caused by rainfall and involve turbid water and floating debris – contact river outfitters for more information
  • 1000 cfs River Closed

For realtime streamflow data at all points along the Guadalupe, click here. For realtime streamflow data on the Comal, click here. For a live webcam of the Comal River, click here. For a live webcam of Canyon Lake, click here. To see U.S. Geological Service realtime data for the Guadalupe River @Sattler (Canyon Lake), click here.

For more on everything water, visit wordcc.com or gbra.org.

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  1. Nathan December 29, 2020

    What is the minimum flow needed to kayak/canoe the guadalupe at spring branch?

    1. Stephanie Johnson December 31, 2020

      We’re not kayyakers, so not sure! Check with Guadalupe Canoe Libery in Spring Branch or ask Guadalupe River State Park.

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