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Fishing My Canyon Lake

Fish Attractors: 2017 Update


Some 10 “fish attractors” in Canyon Lake have been supplemented so far this year, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

A new attractor was installed this year at the edge of the hump extending from main lake point near Tom Creek.

Fish attractors act as miniature sanctuaries for all types of prey species, providing them with food sources and protective structure where there once was none. Predator species are then drawn to these sites to take advantage of the available prey.

Black bass, crappie and sunfish use these structures for cover.

Well-placed fish attractors can benefit boat and shoreline anglers by attracting preferred game fishes to a particular location. Anglers armed with the locations of these fish attractors can easily take advantage of these new concentrations of fish. They also can use GPS to locate attractors.

Groups that support this project include the Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORD CC), Canyon Lake Bass Club (Friends of Reservoirs Chapter), the Hays and Lindheimer Master Naturalist groups, and Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited.

Fish attractors used in Canyon Lake reservoir are made of plastic and cedar trees. To see coordinates for these devices, click here.

Most attractors are placed on key structure spots including drop-offs, humps, and roadbeds.

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