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Food Pantry Needs Help with Staples


CRRC of Canyon Lake raised $44,000 in the Big Give charity fundraiser last month, but there are still some things money can’t buy from the San Antonio Food Bank.

For example, dish soap. dried rice. dry pinto beans, spaghetti sauce, canned soups, soap (dish soap, hand soap, shower gel), toilet paper, powdered or shelf-stable milk, coffee, tea and juices.

“Your monetary donations help us to purchase food for the food pantry from the San Antonio Food Bank at a much-reduced price from everyday grocery store prices,” explains Maureen Schein, CRRC’s resource program director in an email. “Much of the food we purchase is seven cents to 15 cents a pound.”

But when the food bank’s out of staples, too, CRRC has to buy, beg or borrow — which is why she’s asking Canyon Lake residents to add a few of the above items to their shopping lists.

“Your item donations help us spend our money in the most-efficient way possible, with the help of the San Antonio Food Bank,” she says. “It also helps me have funding available to help families in crisis with electric or water bills, or rent.

“Sometimes $150 keeps a roof over the family’s head or keeps the power on for a senior on oxygen.”

BTW, she adds, CRRC doesn’t need peanut butter, cereal or canned vegetables because the food bank in San Antonio has plenty of those items.


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