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Former County Health Authority Says 99.5% of COVID-19 Deaths Were in Unvaccinated Patients

Dr. Dorothy Overman, former Comal County Health Authority, posts regular updates about the COVID-19 on the New Braunfels COVID19 Community Info Facebook page, which has almost 7,000 followers. File image.

by Dr. Dorothy Overman
Former Comal County Health Authority and Family Medicine Practicioner

Here is a fact that is incredibly important.

In Texas, of the 8,787 deaths due to COVID-19  that occurred from February of this year to now, currently available data shows that only 43 of those deaths were in vaccinated patients.

Some 99.5 % of deaths were in unvaccinated patients and 0.5% of deaths were in vaccinated ones.

The vaccine can prevent death due to COVID. So get a vaccine and encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Our local number of cases are rising, and local hospitalizations are increasing also. Testing is available at many locations.

If you test positive please talk to your physician. There are treatments that can help you and possibly save your life or keep you from ending up in the hospital.

Stay safe.

(Editor’s Note: This opinion piece first appeared in a Facebook post on New Braunfels COVID19 Community Info and was lightly edited for clarity.)

About Dr. Overman

Dr. Dorothy Overman served as Comal County’s health authority for over 25 years and became the area’s most trusted source for information about COVID-19. She stepped down last November due to workload in her family practice, Hill Country Medical Associates, now Christus Trinity Clinic.

As a consultant to the county, she worked with the Office of Public Health and Texas Department of State Health Services on diseases affecting the community, disease prevention, public education, sheltering of evacuees and disaster preparedness.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Overman’s posts on the New Braunfels COVID19 Community Info Facebook page, a private group with almost 7,000 followers, were eagerly anticipated for her candid analysis about the outbreak’s impact on Comal County and Comal ISD.

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  1. Deb July 27, 2021

    I’m not sure what lies and misinformation Diane is talking about (no naysayer ever points out the lies and offers any facts), but here are the facts as I experienced them. My husband and I were both vaccinated earlier this year. We thought the vaccination gave us a free pass to go about our day normally–going to restaurants and mingling with people. Two months later, I tested positive for Covid and got very sick. In fact, I have never been so sick in my life. I was bedridden at home for two days, after which the symptoms subsided. The good news is I didn’t need hospitalization and only suffered for two days, not weeks or months, or worse. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten the shots.

  2. Diane July 24, 2021

    I can’t believe how far people will go to TRY to convince us to take the shot! This whole vaccination thing has gone waaaaay too far. The lies and misinformation are disgusting!

    1. Lynn July 25, 2021

      If you don’t get vaccinated, what do you do to protect others? How many funerals will it take for people to understand that Covid isn’t a hoax?

    2. Lynn July 25, 2021

      How many funerals will it take to convince you that you endanger others when fail to get vaccinated (unless of course you stay home and don’t come in contact with others)?

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