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Old Eric White ranch
Vulcan purchased the land for its proposed limestone quarry in Comal County using the name Blue Pine Holdings, LLC from rancher Eric White. According to environmental activists, the rancher said he expected it to be developed for residential use. Image courtesy of Stop3009 Vulcan Quarry.
Rules for filling swimming pools, using power washers and car-washing also will change under SJWTX's new drought-management plan. File image.
Texas Hill Country
The proposed Vulcan Quarry would sit on the old Eric White Ranch at FM 3009 and State Highway 46. File image courtesy of Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry.
particulate matter
According to Stop3009Vulcan Quarry, Comal County needs at least six official air-quality monitors because the county historically has exceeded the safe limits for particulate matter (PM) emissions. At a minimum, they say all new air-quality monitors should measure PM 2.5 dust and PM 10 dust.
Quarried limestone on a property in Shackelford County. Image courtesy of landsoftexas.com.
Precinct 108
County Commissioners created a new voting precinct for Canyon Lake after area growth pushed Precinct 105 out of compliance with Texas' elections code.