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The Gruene Cowboy

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The Gruene Cowboy


“THE GRUENE COWBOY shines a new spotlight on the fantastic stories captured in the original Trail Drivers of Texas.”

Rebecca Huffstutler Norton, Executive Director
Frontier Times Museum, Bandera, Texas

Gruene Cowboy cover

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In 1915, George W. Saunders, a self-described “old-time” cowboy, organized and founded the now legendary Old Time Trail Drivers’ Association in San Antonio, Texas. Worried that other old-timers would soon die, taking their colorful accounts of the Wild West with them to their graves, Saunders urged his group to gather the accounts of aging Texans who as young men and women “went up the trail with cattle or horses between 1865 and 1896.”

The result was the 1924 masterpiece, The Trail Drivers of Texas, from which The Gruene Cowboy is excerpted.

The Gruene Cowboy

This new edition, dubbed The Gruene Cowboy – in honor of trail rider H.D. Gruene, whose family founded the now famed Central Texas tourist town and music mecca of Gruene – includes only the most colorful stories from the original volume, which was well over 1,000 pages long. Archaic spellings and punctuation have been modernized so they don’t distract modern readers from the unique visceral storytelling.

‘Such a book has never been written’

Wrote Saunders: “It is our purpose to write a history dealing strictly with trail and ranch life and the early cattle industry. This book will consist of letters written by trail drivers only, giving the minutest details of their experiences of bygone days at home and on the trail, and will contain facts and be full of thrills. Such a book has never been written; all the books published on this subject have been by some author who spent a few months on some ranch, then attempted to write a book, understanding very little about stock or the stock business, and consequently having them pulling off stunts that have never been pulled off anywhere else but in the fertile imagination of some fiction writer.”

Saddle up with the men and women who blazed the cattle trails north to Dodge City, and beyond!

[title]True stories of the range and on the trail told by early cowboys who fathered the cattle industry in Texas – including H.D. Gruene, in whose honor this reissue of the 1924 masterpiece THE TRAIL DRIVERS OF TEXAS of Texas is named.[/title]

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