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Image of Gun Circulating Among Students Forces MVMS to Issue Another Denial of Credible Threat To Safety

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Image of Gun Circulating Among Students Forces MVMS to Issue Another Denial of Credible Threat To Safety

Mountain Valley Middle School Principal Angela Looney.

Mountain Valley Middle School Principal Angela Looney said Comal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) deputies are on campus today, trying to figure out who created an image of a gun now circulating among students via text message.

The campus is not on lockdown. However, on social media, parents said students are “on hold” and segregated by grade level.

Today’s email is the second in less than 24 hours. On Wednesday, she advised parents the school had no evidence of any credible threat to student safety on Friday and asked parents to talk to their children about the negative consequences of spreading rumors.

Looney did not mince words today.

“Please know that if any student is found to have made any threatening statements, even jokingly, that they will be disciplined to the fullest extent allowed,” she said.

MVMS will take “any and all threats or rumors or threats seriously and will work with law enforcement to investigate thoroughly to determine their credibility,” Looney said.

Canyon Lake High School faced a similar incident on Oct. 28, when Principal Mark Oberholtzer was forced to send an email to parents and guardians after a student allegedly spread a rumor that a shooting was planned in the school cafeteria during lunch hour.

An image of a dirty mirror with the words, “I will shoot at lunch/Be warned” circulated between students.

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  1. Cathy November 19, 2021

    Pull your kids out and homeschool them.

  2. Concerned Parent November 18, 2021

    They kept the kids outside and left them open to harm without fully knowing if the threat was credible or not. Why they even allowed students near the campus while police were investigating is beyond me.
    I’m so tired of this. Twice in a month? The middle school and high school. Vague emails and minimum communication. It’s absolutely unacceptable.

  3. James November 18, 2021

    Looney was addressed with a picture of someone holding a gun on Wednesday. They pretended like they was no evidence but that is a false statement. Looney will do anything to cover up what’s happened in MVMS to make it seem like a “perfect school”

  4. Brittany November 18, 2021

    My child called me crying, I never heard anything from the school.she was scared for her safety. So yes better safe than sorry

  5. Patricia Curtis November 18, 2021

    Better safe than sorry.


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