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Get on the Water and Kayak, SUP Board with Central Texas River Trips

Enjoy kayaking and SUP-boarding on the Guadalupe River with Central Texas River Trips. Karla Held will help get you safely on the water and teach you how to stand up on a board and paddle -- or kayak.

Want to enjoy getting out on Canyon Lake, the Guadalupe and other nearby rivers without worrying about COVID-19?

Try social distancing on a stand up paddle board or in a kayak!

It’s easy to stay over six feet apart, sanitize your gear, and avoid breathing on your friends while paddling a board or sitting in a kayak. Bonus points for all the exercise and fresh air.

I’m Karla Held and I run Central Texas River Trips. My job is to get you out safely on the water and teach you how to stand up on a board and paddle — or kayak, depending on your preference. I have years of experience as a river guide and will provide you with gear, lessons, guided trips and all of the information you need to access lakes and rivers legally in Texas. I’m also a germophobe who meticulously cleans all gear before and after each water adventure.

I’m happy to live in Canyon Lake, where open spaces abound. We all know the important benefits of exercise and fresh air, and paddling makes that fun and invigorating in my opinion.

When I taught Spanish I loved this phrase: “No hay mal que por bien no venga.” It means, “There’s no bad from which good doesn’t come.”

End your quarantine safely, out on our waters. For me, nature is one way to help heal and nourish the soul.

Although the unfortunate cases of COVID19 are nothing but tragic, we can all come out of this time with a renewed interest and respect for public health, and personal health.

Don’t Take My Word!

I took Manuel Trevino, a research scientist at University of Texas at Austin,  out on the water during a recent day-trip to our area. Here’s what he had to say:

“The lake is gorgeous, it offers great scenery with lots of places to explore, and paddle boarding is such a great way to stay active while enjoying the outdoors in this time of pandemic. Paddle boarding is truly an ideal way to enjoy the water and exercise, while observing the precautions to avoid contagion, such as social distancing and all the hygiene measures. On the water, we are never too close to our fellow paddle boarders, as we need room to maneuver our boards and paddles to stay in balance. If we are protecting our bodies from the virus, we should also protect our mental health by going out and enjoying nature and this is a great way to do it!”

Gustavo Rangel, a newspaper reporter,  drove in from Houston last weekend to take his family paddle-boarding on Canyon Lake.

“The getaway was something we needed due to the quarantine. Canyon Lake was a blessing and having someone that knows the area was a huge plus. Having a guide saves a lot of headaches. It allows you to get to the things you came to do and not waste time.”


Email: CentralTexasRiverTrips@gmail.com

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/CenTexKayak/  

Cell: 909.297.6391

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