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Letter to the Editor: Since Trump Train, Thursday Nights Aren’t Safe for my Family

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Letter to the Editor:

My family and I have resided in New Braunfels for over 25 years and our family’s roots in Texas go back to over six generations. We have family members that have served our country in the armed forces. Our immediate family here in New Braunfels all are productive members of society and caring people.

Since the Trump Train has been in existence here in New Braunfels, Thursday evening is no longer safe for my family.

One of my daughters has been harassed as she walked from her place of business to her car. During her workday, she has had men talk about being part of the local Trump train movement while they cussed at her and coughed in her face as she asked them to please wear a mask in order for her to cut their hair.

My son who is a grown man and works in an office that serves older patrons has been called Boy when he has asked grown men to please wear a mask while he helps them. He has to drive home when the Trump Train is out in force. He has had them make gun signs and point their hands at him as if to shoot him.

Reading the article I have attached makes it clear that Steve Ceh has made this racist and trouble-making behavior a part of their mission. When you read the article it is evident that he very much enjoyed terrorizing those employees in Gruene and plans to do more of the same.

Since the Trump Train that Mr. Steve Ceh founded I have had my other daughter check on social media to see exactly what streets and times the Trump Train will be accessing. This is so my other two adult children who are at work at the time can avoid those streets when they get off work. We don’t want to be one of those stories on the news that has lost a loved one to senseless violence.

There is a separate quote (from a Facebook discussion) stating that Mexicans could be sent back to Mexico in a pine box. We are not from Mexico and have never been there, but I do not think that would matter to him or his followers.

Our family contacted the New Braunfels Police Department concerning the quote about the pine box and we were told that could mean many things. That of course does not give me much of a sense of security that anyone here plans to curtail (these) thugs.


Margarita Kelly
Retired Comal ISD Behavioral Specialist

Certain information in the above letter is not confirmed by this newspaper as factual.

Editor’s Note: Randi Ceh, Steve Ceh’s wife, contacted MyCanyonLake.com on Facebook Messenger on Oct. 27 to inform us that her husband never made any statement about pine boxes. When asked for clarification about the pine-box statement, and an offer to respond in a separate Letter to the Editor, she did not reply. MyCanyonLake.com searched screengrabs others have shared on social media and found a Sept. 27 exchange between Cody Ceh and two others that mentions a “pine box.” The conversation, which was screen-grabbed by Living Blue in Comal County, includes these comments. To see the entire screengrab on Living Blue in Comal County’s Facebook archives page, click here.

First commenter: “What I don’t understand…if they hate America and love Mexico, why don’t they move to Mexico? I feel like moving to Mexico would be WAY easier than trying to turn another country into the country you love. Before I was awake, I wanted to move to Canada. I thought it was SO much better than America and I counted down the days until I could move there. Not once did I ever buy a Canadian flag and fly it around. Why? Because this is America and no one cares – that’s just stupid, I mean, I was NOT a fan of America (was totally brainwashed) and it never crossed my mind to go fly Canada’s flag around here.”

Cody Ceh – “I know that’s what we told them. One guy was like if you want to be civil about it our vote doesn’t matter. And I was like who are you voting for Mexico??”

Third commenter: “Cody Ceh, we can also send those folks back to their country in a pine box. They keep their shit up like I’m watching in this video! I’m more than able and more than willing. This is why I have missed the last 3 runs. I don’t have the ability to keep my cool and I know this.”


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  1. Reynaldo Martinez November 7, 2020

    Mr. Ceh also has the right to get the hell out of New Braunfels and go back to where he came from, Hallelujah, can I have amen!

    1. Katelyn Davidson February 28, 2021

      So do you, if you don’t like him. I think he and his wife and kids are a great God-loving family and I hope he runs for office. He’ll have my vote and I know there are about 2000 who were at the Trump Train gatherings, plus all our friends and family members who weren’t able to attend.

  2. Richard Beare October 28, 2020

    This is the first time that I have seen your website. After reading this article, and then going through the rest of your articles, its pretty clear that this a Bias Left Socialist’s Website. Your are taking these statements out of context, and giving this letter a spin that is nothing more than a Race Bate for more Hate. You should be ashamed for even getting involved with only one.

    1. Rackell October 28, 2020

      And then trying to invoke the name of Jesus. It’s shameful.

      They won’t even publish the comment I made.

  3. Pete Moore October 27, 2020

    If you all can document the full context of the pine box statement (which you have) the officer handling the complaint could have risen off his posterior to do a cursory investigation. This is not the first time folks have complained of the Trump train.

    Now we have reports of the city making contributions to the Republican Party. If this is true, we have another indication why the city looks the other way.

    We need investigations and full disclosure.

  4. Cheryle Fuller October 27, 2020

    I notice that you only publish news items and comments that match your Blue Democrat leanings. You do not publish any comments against this narrow view of things.
    I am sorry your letter writer has found such issues in this community. When I moved here, it was a Good old Boys network, and no one, not even the police or City Hall gave a damn about what my experiences were. I was discriminated against every time I called on the police for vandalism and threats, when patrons of Gruene Hall were parked blocking my truck or under my porch roof, when the man next door, who was stealing me blind and renting out my front porch and yard for Market Days in Gruene, threatened to kill my dog, kill me and burn down my 150 year old house, the police arrested ME! I was charged with Terroristic Threats. I got my revenge when I contacted U-Haul about the 6 stolen trucks and trailers he used stolen credit cards to rent to bring his stolen goods to his antique shop next to me. Unfortunately, the police alerted him so he had plenty of time to get out of town. Imagine my surprise when I saw my unusual antique patterned china in his wife’s shop downtown. But again, nothing happened to her.
    However, I do not believe your letter writer has these issues. As bad as it was here in my day, we have had enough natural attrition and influx of civilized people to dilute The Good Old Boys network. I see no reason why all should be blamed for the crankiness of a few. And your children had no way of knowing those customers were Trumpers, nor separating that from the natural attitude of the locals. I do not believe anyone was pointing a gun finger at them, or in any way indicating a hate for a complete stranger. I just don’t believe it, and I think it is like many other things in life, “if you see evil everywhere, perhaps you should look in the mirror first.”

  5. Allison October 27, 2020

    This might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. There’s nothing but smiles…for MILES…each and every Thursday – until an anti-Trumper flips us off, screams profanity filled statements, and the latest as of last week??? PULLS THEIR PANTS DOWN AND MOONS
    A TRUMP SUPPORTING PASSER BY!!! But the NB Trump Train should be feared? LAUGHABLE. The left is cruel and belittling (and that’s putting it nicely). You/they wonder why Trump has such a following – and all of these unsolicited Trump Trains and rallies across the Nation (even across the WORLD)? Because the left is anything and everything BUT tolerant and peaceful. Folks have had enough of the lies and deceit. And folks are seeing clearly how ugly Biden and Bernie supporters are – and of course the “anyone but Trumpers”! The lack of respect for others with differing views is disgusting. And this article is proof of the lies and spewed nonsense. I challenge ANYONE reading this response to join us THIS THURSDAY and see for yourself everything this group is: Peace, love and PATRIOTISM!!!
    Continuing on, the left will go ANY distance to be “heard”. And well, we hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!! And it’s exactly why Americans are doing the #walkaway. Maybe y’all should read some of their testimonies. Might learn something….hate is ugly.


  6. Tim October 27, 2020

    What unfounded blubber trash. You would think a behavior specialist would be able to see the truth but obviously democratic insanity has no bounds. I have been part of the Trump Train since almost day one and have not seen behavior like this, well let me rephrase that; not from our side!

    My family has been here in New Braunfels since it was founded so don’t spout that like it gives you privilege’s, it does not. Is it possible you have strayed from the conservative values New Braunfels was founded on and this is why you no longer feel a part of our community?

    You speak of Racism, so many throw that word out today when they don’t like something and shame on you for doing it. Had you ever come to a Trump Train you would never Make that statement. To start with I am of Hispanic heritage and am insulted by your unfounded accusations. We are very diverse and have all races and yes most genders running with our group. Racism? No Ma’am, it is not in the Trump Train, it is in your letter to the editor and that makes it you!

    Being a part of the Trump Train weekly I have personally never seen the behavior you seem to take as gospel, even though it is second hand info you quote. Is is possible your children are instigating liberals that are making up this trash? Again you would not know first hand because you obviously have never witnessed it from your letter. Maybe as a behavior specialist you should study your children’s behavior? Folks from the Trump Train do not act like that and that is first hand knowledge.

    I truly hope God gives you the strength to overcome the hate that has consumed your heart and you can find peace with yourself otherwise you are doomed for a miserable existence for what time you have left here for we have been awakened by the left’s attempt to destroy our way of life and WE WILL BE SILENT NO MORE! We are here to stay and will not do it quietly.

  7. New Braunfels Patriot October 27, 2020

    It truly saddens me to see that this has happened to your family. For the months that I have been a part of the TTNB, I have never seen this type of behavior out of any of our members. Not actual members anyway. I am not discounting that it is happening, I am just saying it is hard for me to believe that anyone in our group would do this. You can hate me because I support our President over the other side, it is ok. I dont hate you. I am not racist because of who I am voting for. I am not a violent person because of who I am voting for. And I dont condone viorlet behavior. Your article makes a generalization about all of us that is just unfair. In addition, those of us that ride in this trump train every week, endure a lot as well. I have been cussed at, called names, had things thrown at my car and at me. Your generalization that we are the only bad is a little ignorant, which I am sure you are not. In addition, you know that Trump Train is a regional term right and that the Ceh family is not the ONLY trump train in the area. People seem to forget that.

  8. Rackell October 27, 2020

    If you spent five minutes in person with ANY of the Cehs, you’d find very different perspective. They are a loving Christ centered family.

    I challenge you to do exactly that.

    Spend five minutes with any of them.

  9. Kellie Mcbride October 26, 2020

    Mr. Ceh isn’t even from here. Why don’t we tell him to go back where he came from!

    1. KATHY NOBLE November 5, 2020

      Mr. Ceh may not be from here, but he calls NB his home & he has every right to STAY RIGHT HERE!

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