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Letter to the Editor: Vulcan Quarry Opponent Endorses Nies for Pct. 3 Commissioner

Colette Nies speaks at a candidate forum at the Landa Haus in New Braunfels last February. Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry and Preserve Our Hill Country Environment are endorsing Colette Nies for Comal County Commissioner, Pct. 3.

Letter to the Editor:

In the contest for Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Colette Nies is challenging incumbent Kevin Webb.

Over the past few months, Colette Nies has listened and learned more about the proposed 1500-acre Vulcan quarry, opposition efforts to-date, and the decided lack of county involvement in the matter. Relevant issues such as land justice and preservation of natural resources have been her focus for many years and she recognizes the importance of protecting Comal County’s environment—especially the Edwards Aquifer, Comal Springs, and our area water quality and supply—from the over 25 local quarries, concrete plants, and other aggregate facilities.

Ms. Nies brings a positive, “can-do” attitude to this race and has specific, actionable ideas on the table. Two examples of smart, creative solutions include her concept of a conservation commission of scientific professionals to advise Commissioners’ Court and a 391 regional planning commission to empower the county in matters currently dominated by state agencies.

Kevin Webb is running for his third term as commissioner. In March 2018, despite having specific, proven tools and examples of other counties who have led the way opposing TCEQ air quality permits, Mr. Webb and his fellow commissioners passed a worthless resolution that failed to support their constituents fighting the proposed Vulcan quarry.

More recently Mr. Webb admitted that Comal County indeed has additional authority from the state that they have chosen not to exercise “because we just don’t . . . . and that’s just been sort of the way that we do things.”

In eight years as commissioner, Kevin Webb’s list of accomplishments protecting our natural resources, preserving open space, and supporting constituents advocating for these are thin to non-existent.

Precinct 3 residents and Comal County citizens are united in our desire to protect our precious water resources, springs, and rivers. Colette Nies has a broad range of experience and knowledge, thinks outside the box, and is focused on what commissioners can do to better protect Comal County citizens and our natural resources. She would bring a refreshing and much-needed change to Commissioners’ Court. I am a member of Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry and Preserve Our Hill Country Environment. Colette Nies has my full support. More information on this and other key area races can be found at www.stop3009vulcanquarry.com.

Pru Guckian
New Braunfels, Tx

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