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Line Up for Operation Float a Soldier

Do you see the "wave here" arrow? Bring your flags and enthusiam, too.

by Faron Smith, Operation Float a Soldier

This Saturday, June 22 will be the first Summer Event for OFAS and we are excited to let the fun begin!

We have members of the VFW on their Motorcycles & the New Braunfels Trail Team 6 Jeep Club that plan to join us on the Procession Route to help make sure they feel a Heroes Welcome!

What’s that YOU ask, what can you do to help?

Well, let me tell you what would be AWESOME. The host venue is Joint Base San Antonio that is just off Jacobs Creek Park Rd.

What you can do is line up with your Flags, Smiles, Good Cheer to wave the OFAS Participants into the venue!

Barring an unforeseen issue please line up at about 9:30 and we are scheduled to pass by around 10:00 AM. The map provided will show you were to line up!

About OFAS

Canyon Lake’s OFAS is a volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)(3) ministry.

An OFAS event in June drew over 119 veterans and family members. Some 64 residents volunteered.

According to floatasoldier.org, the group’s mission “is to improve the lives and lift the spirits of wounded soldiers and their families through recreational outings on beautiful Canyon Lake. We hope to nourish the souls of our injured heroes by providing them with a respite from grueling rehab and the psychological struggles caused by their injuries of war.”

Residents who’d like to volunteer their registered and insured boats to take veterans and their families on non-alcoholic cruises around the lake can email Faron Smith at faron@floatasoldier.org.

For more information, email faron@floatasoldier.org. To donate funds, visit floatasoldier.org.

OFAS owns three retired pontoon boats from Canyon Lake Marina, but the retired vessels are expensive to maintain.

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