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March Kicks Off White Bass Fishing Season in Canyon Lake

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March Kicks Off White Bass Fishing Season in Canyon Lake

Image courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

March kicks off white bass fishing season in the Canyon Lake area.

Some of the best white bass fishing in the spring can be done from the bank or while wading in the river near Boat Ramp #11 in Rebecca Creek, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).

At Rebecca Creek, anglers with small boats can easily access the area without crossing open water.

To get there off FM 306, turn south on Eagle Rock Drive, which becomes Tanglewood Trail. Go 2.3 miles, and take the first road on the right past “Chapel in the Cove.”

Rebecca Creek boat ramp is at the end of this road. Most anglers head upstream to an area called “the rapids” but other areas can be good and less crowded. Look for high spots in the river channel that concentrate fish as they move upstream.

Fishing on or near Comal County boat ramps is not allowed.

TPWD says the area around Cranes Mill Park is legendary in the winter and early spring as white bass school up, staged for the spawning run up the river.

Main lake fishing can also be quite good, TPWD says.

In late spring, TPWD advises checking the mouth of major creeks.

The island near Comal Park and humps near the dam are good during the summer. There are many good boat ramps available. For those without a boat, a fishing pier at Crane’s Mill Park is a good option.

For those without a boat, a fishing pier at Crane’s Mill Park is a good option.

About White Bass

TPWD says white bass, commonly referred to as “sand bass”, is an abundant and popular sportfish in Texas reservoirs due to its willingness to bite artificial lures, schooling behavior, and outstanding quality as table fare. White bass provide anglers with exciting action throughout the year, but most notably during their annual spring spawning migration up river and stream tributaries. From January through April, large schools of white bass concentrate in the far upper ends or riverine sections of reservoirs making them more susceptible to anglers. The complete white bass angler understands the biology, migrational behavior, preferred habitat, appropriate fishing techniques and local “hot spots” for this popular species.

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  1. James Schuler March 2, 2021

    I’ve never had success in the day, but I’ve always done my white bass fishing at night under the lights. Mostly at the marinas especially the Canyon Lake Yatch Ckub . Just doing a 1/8 th or 1/4 white curly tail jig down to the bottom and reeling it up slowly. The white has practically jump on it. I’ve had them jump out of the water to get it. Crazy. We’ve left with stringers of them. Ifyou’re lucky maybe you’ll catch a few walleyes. I’m not sure if there are anymore in the lake, but I was the first of my friends to catch one. And we caught many. Huge walleyes. They stocked the lake several times with them back in the 80s. Haven’t heard weather or not they have it still do.


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