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Mobile Detail Service Will Keep Your Boat Looking Like New

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Mobile Detail Service Will Keep Your Boat Looking Like New

"Wherever you are or whatever kind of boat you have, we are here to give you the best that boat detailing has to offer," says Below the Belt owner Dustin Smith.

Spend more time on the water!

Dustin & Lora Smith

Dustin & Lora Smith

Just show up and climb aboard your boat with the help of Canyon Lake’s only concierge boat detailer, Below the Belt Services.

No need to remove the covers, fill the coolers, tidy up, check the gas, turn on the bilge, mess with the engine, swab the decks.

Owner Dustin Smith — a licensed diver who also is certified by the International Detailing Association — will manage the entire process, and clean and cover the boat when you’re through.

“Wherever you are or whatever kind of boat you have, we are here to give you the best that boat detailing has to offer,” he said. “Below the Belt Services is 100% mobile. With a fully equipped trailer and pontoon boat, we provide the same level of service on the water as we do on land. We also recognize that not all boats are equal and neither are their owners.”

Smith, who’s lived in Canyon Lake since he was a child, lives in Startzville and is an avid boater himself, including a cabin boat berthed at Cranes Mill Marina and a pontoon boat used to complete services for Below the Belt.

“We’re just like you,” he said. “We’ll care for your boat like we care for our own.”

Only the Best

Below the Belt uses Star Brite marine-cleaning products. They’re 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable and clean and protect vinyl, carpet, chrome and more.

“It is because of Star Brite’s high recommendation, effectiveness and marine safety that Below the Belt Services chooses them to give you the best service available,” Smith said.

More Than Just Detailing

In addition to detailing services that meet everyone’s needs, Below the Belt also offers gel-coat restoration, wet-sanding, clay bar, zebra-mussel removal, among other services.

Smith cleans below the waterline, saving owners thousands of dollars in future costly repairs.

“Our goal is to provide you marine lifestyle solutions you can’t otherwise get here in Canyon Lake,” he said.

Packages for All Budgets

Below the Belt offers three levels of customer service.


Starting at $12 per foot includes

  • Exterior – wash and chamois dry
  • Chrome & Metal – Remove spots and shine
  • Vinyl Seats – Cleaned and off
  • Hard Surface – Cleaned and wiped off
  • Windows – Remove dirt and water spots
  • Floors – Sweep, cleaned, mopped, etc.
  • Carpets – vacuumed


Starting at $16 per foot includes Pilot plus

  • Exterior – wash and speed wax
  • Bimini and Covers – washed
  • Storage spaces – vacuumed
  • Carpet – steam cleaned
  • Engine/Bilge Area – rinsed out
  • Added Protection – applied to vinyl, glass and metal


Starting at $22 per foot includes Mate plus

  • Exterior – washed, polished and waxed
  • Engine/Bilge Area – scrubbed
  • Storage Spaces – scrubbed
  • Carpets – shampooed
  • Bimini and Covers – shampooed
  • VIP benefits

Additional Services

  • Concierge Services
  • Gel-Coat Repair
  • Pontoon Restoration
  • Wash, Polish, Wax & Seal
  • Wet Sanding
  • Clay Bar Hull
  • Clay Bar Glass
  • Basic Cleaning
  • General Cabin Cleaning
  • Major Cabin Cleaning
  • Photos and Video
  • Zebra Mussel Service
  • Remove and Replace Zinc Plated

For more information or to schedule a cleaning, visit belowthebeltservices.com or call 210-777-6659.

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