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MVMS, CLHS Parents, Guardians Warned of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Schools

Canyon Lake High School students who opted to stay home for the first part of the school year returned to campus today. Here, Canyon Lake High School welcomes 'new-to-campus students.' Nine members of the school's "campus community" have tested positive for COVID-19 since Oct. 13, according to emails.

Eleven people at Canyon Lake High School (CLHS) have tested positive for COVID-19 since at least Oct. 13 and someone at Mountain Valley Middle School  (MVMS) recently tested positive for the virus, Principal Angela Looney said in an email to parents on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Results were confirmed in a series of emails sent by school administrators to parents and guardians of students at the two schools.


On its COVID-19 Active Case Management Dashboard today, Comal ISD reported 29 “current positive cases,” 39 “current symptomatic cases” and 174 “current exposure-to-a-positive cases” districtwide.

The dashboard, which is not cumulative, reports eight active cases, two symptomatic cases and 10 active exposures at CLHS.

MVMS reported three active cases, seven symptomatic cases and 16 active exposures.

According to the dashboard, there is one active case and one active exposure at Mountain Valley Elementary School. There is only one active exposure at Startzville Elementary.

Comal ISD does not define who qualifies as a member of a “campus community” in its emails although parents say the term includes faculty, staff and students. Under federal privacy laws, the district cannot divulge any identifiable information about individuals who test positive for COVID-19. Specific information about dates tests were conducted also in unavailable.

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Mountain Valley Middle School

Mountain Valley Middle School on Tuesday, Oct. 20, said three members of its “campus community” experienced symptoms of the virus and were isolated before leaving the campus.

In an email, Principal Angela Looney also confirmed that someone tested positive for COVID-19 but did not experience symptoms while on campus.

“The individual completed and health screener, and followed social-distancing and hygiene-related safety measures,” she said. “We believe that any spread has been mitigated at this time.”

Looney said four members of the campus community also were in close contact with someone else who tested positive for COVID-19 while off-campus.

Yesterday, Comal ISD’s custodial team deep-cleaned areas of MVMS that the individuals accessed.

Canyon Lake High School

Update: Canyon Lake High School reported two new cases of COVID-19 today, Oct. 21.

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Canyon Lake High School (CLHS) Principal Kristy Castilleja said the campus was notified that three members of its campus community tested positive for COVID-19.

She said they did not experience symptoms while on campus and completed a health-screener and followed social-distancing and hygiene-related safety measures.

On Monday, Oct. 19, Castilleja alerted parents that two members of its campus community tested positive for COVID-19 and did not experience any symptoms while on campus.

“We believe that any spread has been mitigated at this time,” she said.

Close contacts of these individuals are required to self-isolate and stay off-campus for 14 days. They were notified by a case manager.

In her email, Castilleja said Comal ISD defines close contact as someone who is within six feet of an infected individual for a cumulative duration of more than 15 minutes.

“The use of a face-covering does not eliminate someone from being considered a close contact with the positive individual,” she said.

The district thoroughly cleaned the campus before the school reopened on Tuesday.

On Oct. 14, CLHS reported another case of COVID-19 and on Oct. 13 notified parents that three people tested positive for the virus.

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