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MVMS Principal Says There’s No Evidence of ‘Credible Threat’ on Friday

File image courtesy of Comal ISD.

Comal ISD Mountain Valley Middle School Principal Angela Looney emailed parents today to let them know the school has no evidence of any credible threat to student safety on Friday, and asked them to talk to their children about the negative consequences of spreading rumors.

“We have been made aware this morning of rumors circulating among students regarding concerns about something happening Friday on campus that could potentially jeopardize the safety of students and staff,” she said. “…We have spoken with several students and it appears that there are rumors that at this point are not based on anything substantial.”

Looney said no threatening messages were found anywhere on campus, no social-media posts were brought to administrators’ attention, and students have failed to provide any specific details.

She promised the school takes all threats and rumors seriously and works with law enforcement to thoroughly investigate their credibility.

“Either way, we will always be transparent with you and communicate with you whether it be credible or just a rumor,” Looney. said. “Also, in our social-media-driven world, it is easy for false information to easily spread unchecked. I encourage you to talk to your child about the negative consequences that spreading rumors can have on our campus, particularly by causing undue concerns among our students and parents.”

On Oct. 28, Canyon Lake High School Principal Mark Oberholtzer was forced to send a similar email to parents and guardians after a student allegedly spread a rumor that a shooting was planned in the school cafeteria during lunch hour.

CLHS parent Autumn Kelley said on Facebook she was asked by school staff to tell parents about what happened at the school.

“A kid started this mess with a rumor,” she said. “He made up everything and told some kids he overheard there was a threat. From there, rumors went wild. He has admitted guilt to fabricating the rumor. The sheriff’s office has gotten involved to properly handle this. There never was a real threat. Just letting you all know.”

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  1. Tim Fitzharris November 18, 2021

    Stephanie, do you have the email sent by the principal?
    My son texted me this morning about a gun (rumor).
    It is foolish at best to email and not text parents. She just caused herself a lot of undue stress,phone calls, etc…set up a protocol so parents don’t drive to school, etc. Who in their right mind would email 911??


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