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Brett Parker
Brett Parker, owner of Hill Country Snake Removal, is also a Canyon Lake Fire/EMS firefighter and paramedic. File image.
Monarch caterpillar
(L-r): Queen and monarch caterpillars were spotted at the same time on milkweed planted at Tye Preston Memorial Library's Butterfly Garden in July -- a very unusual phenomenon, a local butterfly expert said. Queen butterflies usually appear well after monarchs have departed. Image courtesy of Susan Bogle.
mountain lion
Image courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
white shaman mural
Image courtesy of The White Shaman Mural, published by the University of Texas Press.
Hays County Commissioner Lon Shell
Image courtesy of Texas Highways magazine.
Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.
madrone trail
Visitors are asked to stay on Madrone Trail and away from the lake. There is curently no lake access from the trail.
Barron Rector, Ph.D
Barron Rector, Ph.D., a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service range specialist, conducts a walking weed- identification tour near College Station.
baby possum
Image of a baby possum courtesy of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Kendalia. For emergency assistance call WRR's 24-hour emergency hotline, 830-336-2725.
madrone trail
WORD is developing signage for Madrone Trail, popular with area mountain bikers. Image courtesy of Comal Trails Alliance.
hill country salamanders
In April, Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) staff worked with scientists surveying salamanders at Rebecca Creek. Image courtesy of Pete Diaz, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
You may not hear a rattle before he strikes. Brett Parker of Hill Country Snake Removal warns people not to walk around barefoot at dusk.
Canyon Lake guide
Amenities at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks include campgrounds, beaches, picnic areas, boat ramps and opportunities for shoreline fishing.
tye preston memorial butterfly garden
One of the best-kept secrets at Canyon Lake's Tye Preston Memorial Library is a butterfly garden maintained by area master naturalists and gardeners. Monarchs are expected to alight there later this month.
dead bird
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department asks the public to report wildlife killed by Winter Storm Uri. Image courtesy of TPWD.
Baby Squirrel Formula Drive
Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation invites you to attend -- either online or in your car -- a baby shower for the 8,000 animals it expects during wildlife baby season, which lasts from February to September.
Axis deet
Image courtesy of Southern Buck Outfitterss.
cedar fever
During cedar-fever season, every single pollen cone on a juniper tree opens simultaneously, and it looks like the trees are on fire. YouTube image by Rusty Hierholzer.
white tail buck
Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation's Communications and Development Manager Ava Donaldson warns deer are on the move for a number of other reasons besides the rut including changing  temperatures, hunting season, and foraging for food.
Lindheimer Chapter Texas Master Naturalist
This year Lindheimer master naturalists expect to exceed 200,000 volunteer hours of service, education and outreach as well as conservation, preservation and citizen science. Earth Day 2019. Image by Brian Trock.
Brett Parker with non-venomous snake
Brett Parker holds a non-venomous western rat snake that he caught swimming in the Horseshoe Bend of the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake. He advises recreationalists not to worry about snakes in the river or on Canyon Lake. Images courtesy of Brett Parker.
Canyon Lake doe with fawn
Image courtesy of Canyon Lake resident Bernie Frey.
first monarch butterfly
Lindheimer Master Naturalist Judy Brupbacher captured this image one of the first monarch butterflies to arrive in Canyon Lake from Mexico this month.
Brett Parker
Brett Parker of Hill Country Snake Removal will find and remove snakes from yards and properties. He cautions residents to watch out for baby snakes that will be hatching soon -- especially western diamondbacks, which have black-and-white stripes on their tails.
Earlier this week, Texas Wildflower Reports heard from a friend who saw early blooms along FM 306 and Purgatory Road in Comal County, but cautioned grass is getting tall. (Image is a file photo, not from 2020.)
Lindheimer Master Naturalists
Meet the Class of 2001, the first graduates and members of the Lindheimer Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists, now recognized as members of Founders of 2001.
wildlife baby shower
Bring your checkbook! If you feel compelled to show up with a gift, fawn pellets, pecans, heating pads and birdseed also are appreciated.
Leon Dominick
Leon Dominick with the Lindheimer Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas says there's lots of fall color if you know where to look.
vulcan quarry
Image by Friends of Dry Comal Creek.
Devil's Backbone
Image by RV There Yet?
Monarch Ultra Run
Cheer on runners who will pass through San Antonio from 10 to 11 a.m. Oct. 17 2019 during the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival. They're replicating the 2,671-mile monarch butterfly migration. Filmmakers, runners, and pollinator advocates will be telling the story of the flight of the monarch butterfly through the eyes of ultra-runners who will trek from southern Ontario to central Mexico this fall.
ecotherapist Amy Sugeno
Austin-area ecotherapist Amy Sugeno, right, champions the benefits of spending time with nature and is a featured panelist at an upcoming seminar on using the outdoors to heal.
texas master naturalists
Members of Lindheimer Master Naturalist's Rock Star class took a field trip on May 24 to to learn about PAL - Program to Assist Landowners. Image by Erin Harrison.
Brett Parker
Brett Parker wrangles a snake during his June 6 class at Tye Preston Memorial Library. The event was standing room only.
Leave her alone! Wildlife experts say this fawn is probably not orphaned. A fawn who is still being cared for by her mother will usually be calm and lying down. Image by Canyon Lake's preeminent deer photograher Jane Sharp.
water snake with tuber
Snakes that swim are a big obsession for residents and visitors alike -- but Brett Parker, who's teaching a snake safety course next month, says there's really nothing to worry about. He's only seen one, once, in all his years of kayaking. (Image courtesy of "Swimming with Snakes" by Bratayley on YouTube.)
baby deer nursing
The most commonly referred animals are baby birds and deer fawns. While most of these animals are picked up by well-meaning persons, it is important to realize that many such human-animal encounters are unnecessary and can even be detrimental to the wildlife concerned. Image by Canyon Lake wildlife photographer Jane Sharp.
birders at big sit
See how many birds you can spot from within a 17-foot circle on Saturday at the Big Sit at Guadalupe River State Park in Spring Branch.
smart phones with iNaturalist app for bioblitz
Learn about nature with a smart phone app called iNaturalist and contribute to Comal County Conservation Alliance's ongoing iNaturalist Project, Comal County Gone Wild! Observations made by Canyon Lake residents also will contribute to a worldwide City Nature Challenge Bioblitz, April 26-29.
rattle snake
Texas A&M University's Dr. Jill Heatley, an associate professor of veterinary medicine, says spring-like temperatures in areas of Texas mean snakes are coming out of winter hibernation. Pet owners, take note. Photo of rattle snake courtesy of Texas A&M.
videocam hummingbird
Video courtesy of Jay Lewis, Canyon Lake
Lindheimer Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists
Bird cam
Check out the birds who are checking out the new seed cylinder right in front of Tye Preston Memorial Library's new bird cam.