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rattle snake
Texas A&M University's Dr. Jill Heatley, an associate professor of veterinary medicine, says spring-like temperatures in areas of Texas mean snakes are coming out of winter hibernation. Pet owners, take note. Photo of rattle snake courtesy of Texas A&M.
videocam hummingbird
Video courtesy of Jay Lewis, Canyon Lake
Lindheimer Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists
Bird cam
Check out the birds who are checking out the new seed cylinder right in front of Tye Preston Memorial Library's new bird cam.
videocam Gorge lagoon
Justin Moore, YouTube.com
drought landscape
State Rep. Kyle Biedermann, R-73, in Austin.
Vulcan a go
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has greenlighted construction of a controversial concrete batch plant by this school and established neighborhoods. Photo by Milan J. Michalec
cottonmouth water snakes
Texas heritage museum
Fight the bite
Roll down those sleeves and get rid of standing water on your property. Image courtesy of cnn.com
Drought impact
This map on the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality website shows the drought impact on Texas surface water as of March 20.
Commissioners pictured last year at a ceremony recognizing World War I centennial in New Braunfels. (l-r): Kevin Webb, Pct. #3, Scott Haag, Pct. #2, Donna Eccleston, Pct. #1, unnamed recipient of an unrelated resolution, Jen Crownover, Pct. #4, and Comal County Judge Sherman Krause.
Mountain Lion
scissor-tailed flycatchers
Golden-cheeked warbler
Texas Master Naturalist Darlene Varga
Peggy Haley
Panther Canyon trail
Comal Trails Alliance cleans up Canyon Lake's Panther Canyon Trail.
Mosquitos in dish
mosquito control