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New Braunfels City Manager: Trump Train Broke No Laws When It Swarmed Biden Bus

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New Braunfels City Manager: Trump Train Broke No Laws When It Swarmed Biden Bus

New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno. Image courtesy of Radio New Braunfels.

New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno said the New Braunfels Trump Train did not break any laws when at least a dozen of its members pulled onto I-35 around Solms Road on Friday and surrounded a Biden Bus carrying several prominent Texas Democratic candidates to campaign rallies in Central Texas.

Biden campaign organizers were so shaken by the swarm of cars swerving around the bus, and by reports that members of the Trump Train were armed, they canceled a series of campaign rallies planned for Friday as part of a “Battle for the Soul of the Nation.”

According to several Facebook posts, members of the Trump Train mistakenly assumed U.S. vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was on board. Her campaign stops on Friday did not include San Antonio, where the Biden Bus began its journey up I-35 north, headed towards Austin.

Camareno said New Braunfels Police Department (NBPD) received several calls that members of the Trump Train were following the Biden/Harris campaign bus as it drove through the city.

“NBPD officers responded and did not observe any traffic violations,” he said in an email to MyCanyonLake.com. “Additionally, there were no traffic accidents reported in conjunction with this activity inside the New Braunfels city limits. NBPD officers continued to monitor the procession as it made its way north to the New Braunfels city limits and the next jurisdictions were notified about the activity that was headed in their direction.”

However, the Texas Tribune reported late today that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident and said according to an anonymous source, NBPD “responded to requests for assistance and provided an escort throughout their jurisdiction. During that time, the person said, the group of Trump supporters fell back behind the police.”

New Braunfels dismissed similar concerns in the past, after residents complained that the Trump Train caravan of hundreds of flag-festooned trucks and cars was clogging city streets and that its members were harassing people of color and anyone with a Harris/Biden sign in their front yards.

In early September, Bishop Michael Franklin, president of the New Braunfels MLK Association, asked the city for support after a member of the 400-vehicle Trump Train dragged a Black Lives Matter flag underneath his truck during a Sept. 3 procession.

New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman issued a statement defending constitutional rights of free speech and assembly, but promised the city would not turn a blind eye to issues that make residents feel threatened or afraid.

He said police would treat weekly Trump Train events like any other demonstration or protest by providing a secure presence.

New Braunfels Trump Train started out small over the summer but quickly grew under the command of Steve Ceh, a boiler mechanic at Brandt Companies who moved to the New Braunfels area from Nevada three years ago.

The Trump Train is a family affair for the Cehs, who also conduct weekly prayer vigils in New Braunfels’ Landa Park. Wife Randi runs the group’s closed Facebook page, which in early September had 3,400 followers. Their five children range in age from 17 to 26 and also support the Trump Train through Instagram and YouTube.

The Trump Train “rolls” through the City of New Braunfels every Thursday night with as many as 650 vehicles and 1,100 people in attendance, according to the group’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. There are several routes, one of which winds right in front of Gruene Hall, a world-famous music mecca.

The Trump Train attracted controversy again in October after 15 of its members charged into an antique store in historic Gruene, boasting on Facebook that they roamed around the store maskless, scaring clerks into calling the police.

NBPD said it did not respond to this incident because developers who own Gruene, a tourist town located within city limits, hire off-duty law enforcement to provide security for the thousands of people who visit annually.

Ceh said in an interview in early September that Trump Trainers are no longer afraid of what the public thinks about their activities.

“I think the media has put a fear on people, and nobody wanted to come out,” he said. “They were fearful for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and just plain Marxists coming out and physically intimidating them. Some people are in fear that they’ll ruin their cars, they’ll throw something at their cars.”

Ceh added he enjoys a good relationship with the NBPD, which he said keeps a watchful eye out for trouble.

Also, he said the Trump Train is protected by the Three Percenters, a far-right militia movement and paramilitary group.

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  1. Henry Lamb November 3, 2020

    Laws were broken and just because City ‘officials’ have a bias, doesn’t change that. Impeding traffic is illegal, going beneath minimum speeds on our roadways is illegal. driving in a threatening manner is illegal and given the behavior of thousands of Trump people in the last year, I have no doubt weapons were brandished, which is also illegal and threatening, which is why Biden staffers ended up calling law enforcement. Saying no laws were broken is both dishonest and utter nonsense.

  2. Richard Beare November 3, 2020

    Its incredible to see so much RACE BAIT & HATE in the discussion. The bottom line to the discussion is that Biden Ran a Bus to advertise, and promote his message using the Hi-Ways, and his 1st amendment right to do so.

    But for the Trump Supporters, as usual as we have seen for the past 4 years that is not allowed!

    The Trump Trains Across America in Every Town and City gave those that where silenced by the RACE BAIT & HATE Campaigns a feeling that its ok to like Trump, that the he actually has never even been formally charged for being a Racist! Why? Because there is no evidence! That providing evidence has been squashed by every so called non bias media outlets keeping our voices at bay!

    Somehow people think that if you silence or win this election, that those silent voices will just go away. I believe the opposite will happen, the Dust will settle, and Millions of lives that where infected by this Hate, there story’s will immerge and demand Justice!

    The only way to stop all this Hate is make people accountable for promoting it without Evidence – Respect for each other and Law and Order…

  3. mik November 3, 2020

    Says more about the constituency of New Braunfels and Gruene when an elected official makes an incredibly hateful and intentionally ignorant comment like that.

    What kind of community supports this type of hateful rhetoric?
    What kind of person feels entitled to get on a highway, ram into cars, drive a bus off the road and think it ok?

    A person supported by New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno.

    New Braunfels and Gruene are postcard examples of the violence and unsafe space right now unless you are a republican. Robert Camareno is helping to make it even more unsafe for the non-repubicans.

    I will do my best to ensure Mr. Camareno is voted out next election.

  4. Trumpty Dump Republicans November 3, 2020

    New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno is an absolute trumpian republican moron. No regard for safety of other drivers on the road, no care or concern for non-republicans. Just tinsel, lies and fantasy – the city manager is just making stuff up to save his putrid and disgusting party. New Braunfels and Gruene are extremely dangerous places to live right now if one is not a hateful Trumpian republican. All non-republicans are at risk of violence, especially when the orange idiot in the white house is voted out.

    So get ready for New Braunfels and police supported republican violence tonight and the rest of this pathetic year. They will do anything to retain power.

  5. Jack Sims November 2, 2020

    Who is this clown…”they broke no laws.” It is all on video and road rage and acts like it ARE against the law. Everyone who was on the highway lives were endangered by the trailer park trash convoy.

  6. Reynaldo Martinez November 2, 2020

    Obviously the city manager needs a reality check, grow a pair and do your job, or move over Rover and let Jimi take over.

  7. Toni November 2, 2020

    Hey Central Texas tourism businesses get it together or you’ll have no business. I will not be spending any money there till there is a massive outcry from municipalities, biz groups and the like. Get this absurdity under control.

  8. Tess Fenton November 2, 2020

    Guess I don’t need ro call the NBPD unless I get a Trump sticker. Never felt unsafe in my hometown before. Am I taking a risk to vote tomorrow?

  9. Paul J November 2, 2020

    I wonder what Mr. Canareno would think if he was driving on I-35 and a large group of vehicles began to surround him while honking and yelling and driving extermely close to him? At the very least, these people were tailgating which is a dangerous action on a crowded highway.

  10. Lily Stone November 2, 2020

    That is disgusting what your outcome was, the bus and the car sideswiped were in danger and so were other drivers shame on your city leaders. Will never go to your racist hateful town again 😡😡

  11. Rob November 2, 2020

    They moved over and hit an innocent person. Let the FBI HANDLE IT.

  12. Mike K November 2, 2020

    What a total disgrace to our community. Harkens back to the brown shirts in Germany in the 1930s. And how they mix prayer with Three Percenters, a far-right militia movement is beyond belief. I guess the worst aspect is the City politicians not speaking out against this obvious threat. Too bad Hunter Thompson is no longer alive to write about this Strange and Terrible Saga.

  13. Inkan1969 November 2, 2020

    How can he say the cars broke no rules? Shouldn’t boxing in a bus on an interstate qualify as reckless driving? The Interstate is no place for stupid games.

  14. NX November 2, 2020

    Why was there no police escort for the campaign bus? Obviously there was a need for that with those wild west bandits around.

  15. T S November 1, 2020

    I haven’t felt safe in the city I live in cause of their parking lot rallies, then I get trapped in traffic surrounded by them. I also witness them brake checking people with Biden stickers on the highway. Then they go and actually break the law on camera and the city says “Didn’t happen.”

    1. Tim Campa November 2, 2020

      We have video proof of exactly opposite. Show me yours and I will be happy to show you ours.

    2. Aaron November 2, 2020

      Because it didn’t happen. Funny how the police, politicians and everyone who has eyes and a pre frontal cortex who is not consumed with hyper partisanship can see exactly what happened. Not once did that bus swerve or was forced anywhere. A bunch of Trump supporters with flags really causes this much delusion and PTSD Huh?

  16. cordie ray November 1, 2020

    The residents of New Braunfels were subjected to torment and prejudice of extreme proportions during and after Both World Wars, as a result of their German Heritage. How Ironic that the repugnican “leaders” in and out of the City Hall, carry on this tradition of ignorance and intolerance in the guise of supporting the nefarious Trump. As for the Bozo in the article faintly attempting to endorse the nationally embarassing incident by claiming no laws were broken – aside from the assinine premise of defending vigilantes and behavior to thwart a far and open election – there is also the inconvenient truth that there are minimum speed limits on interstate roads, and laws against deliberately impeding traffic – so every one of those Trump Train Bozos guilty of either deserve and earned a ticket, whether the clown that’s City Manager wants to recognize it or not. I’m so ashamed of Comal County and New Braunfels.

    1. Courtney November 1, 2020

      Thank you! Just vote the liar-in-charge and his ilk out and send them back to the Swamp from whence they came!

  17. Kris G November 1, 2020

    Once again this is so one sided, lots of videos show the bus and white suv taking up two lanes, it clearly shows the white suv as the one trying to run the truck off the road and then proceed to hit the truck. Maybe do more research before writing your bias article.

    1. DaveTX November 1, 2020

      You must have missed the portion of the video where the black Trump truck rushed the back of the bus in an unsafe manner.

    2. T.P. November 1, 2020

      Really? Because the guy in the black truck, Eliazar Cisneros, has been publicly bragging about harassing the Biden/Harris on Facebook. Perhaps YOU need to get your facts straight.

    3. Marty G. November 1, 2020

      Kris, seriously, is this your rationale/excuse for harassing and provoking top candidates four days before a historic presidential election?? There’s something terribly wrong in our town.

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