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No, It Didn’t Rain Enough Saturday to Rescind Comal County’s Burn Ban

Saturday's rain wasn't heavy enough to cause the county to rescind its burn ban.

Comal County Fire Marshal Kory Klabunde took to Facebook this morning to warn residents that Saturday’s rain wasn’t enough to rescind the infamous burn ban.

He said the rainfall dropped the Keetch Byram Drought Index (KBDI) by nine points, to 593 on Sunday.

“This is still 93 points above the threshold when the county puts the burn ban on at 500,” Klabunde said. “Since then we have gone up another point to 594…Please understand it is going to take several inches of rain at this time to drop the KBDI enough to remove the burn ban. Please stay safe.”

Under conditions of the burn ban, barbecue pits that are off the ground and have a lid to contain all sparks and flames are allowed for cooking purposes only.

“Please be very careful with any barbecue pits or hot work outside (welding, cutting metal, grinding),” Klabunde said in earlier this fall. “No brush fires, campfires, burn barrels, fire pits (rings) or other open flames are allowed during this time.”

The KBDI measures drought conditions and is commonly used for the purpose of predicting the likelihood and severity of wildfire.

For more information about the burn ban, click here.

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