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Plant of the Month


Lindheimer Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT) says Mexican plum trees are blooming around the area.

They’re the Comal County organization’s March plant-of-the-month.

The group’s master gardeners say there are plenty of good reasons to make sure this Prunus Mexicana grows in your garden.

In February, the trees were covered with delightful, fragrant white flowers now turning to small fruit that purples as it ripens. These small plums can be eaten fresh or made into preserves.

Canyon Lake-area wildlife like birds and small mammals love them, too, and deer will browse.

The versatile tree does well in Canyon Lake’s hot, full sun but also makes a good candidate for understory trees in dappled shade. Water requirements are low but the tree also can be found along area stream beds.

Mature trunks and branches have a satiny texture.

For more suggestions about native plants that work well in Comal County, click here. To see a list of monthly meetings, click here. Lindheimer Chapter also will sell native plants at Folkfest 2017.

NPSOT is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who work to promote native plant appreciation, research, and conservation through local chapters around the state.

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