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Noble Firs Still Top the Christmas Tree List

Come for the Christmas tree, stay for the wreaths and other gifts.

You can learn a lot about Christmas trees at Stahlmans at Bear Creek Farm Stand and Pecans, 5511 FM 2722 in New Braunfels.

But the Noble, Nordman and Douglas firs there are are just the backdrop to barrel train and photos with Santa Claus.

Handmade wreaths, garlands and other decorations also are available. Pecans, homemade james, pickles and other foood items also are on sale.

Christmas Tree 101

Trees sold at Stahlman’s are from Western Oregon.

According to Stahlman’s, Nordman firs are strong and in high demand. Leaves have a blue tint on top and white tint on the bottom, giving them a frosted appearance.

Douglas firs have a strong lemony winter smell but lose more needles. Because they grow twice as fast as other major firs, they’re also more affordable.

Noble firs smell wonderful, lose few needles, and are considered the favorite tree in North America, Stahlman’s says. They range from two to 15 feet, and are priced between $15 and $200. A typical eight-foot Noble ranges between $80 and $120.


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