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A WORD to the Wise: Stash Your Trash!

Canyon Lake Ladies Social Club's first meeting kicked off with a little community service, followed by a barbecue. Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful!

Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORDCC) reminds visitors and residents to “stash your trash” as part of a new campaign aimed at getting the trash off of area roadways, rivers, parks and trails:

“Our mission is to work toward a litter-free river, lake, and community by educating individuals and providing opportunities to reduce litter. Each component of our anti-litter campaign is a tool to help fulfill our mission. We hope by encouraging everyone to stash their trash we can Keep Comal County Clean!”

Mesh Bag Stations

WORD has partnered with Jack Robinson, an Eagle Scout from Canyon Lake, to create mesh bag receptacles at various locations throughout the district. These mesh bag stations allow visitors to grab a free mesh bag before heading to the water to recreate. Our mesh bags have the River and Lake Laws displayed in both English and Spanish. Grab, stash, and reduce trash!

Snark Signage

If you’re headed to the water you may have noticed our Snark Signs. These funny signs have been posted at popular locations to encourage our visitors to be mindful of their trash. When it comes to litter just remember you don’t want to be “that guy.”

Street Teams

Have you been stopped by a smiling face in a yellow polo? These guys are trying to help you “Stash Your Trash” to win giveaways! You will see them at the Horseshoe entrances and exits, as well as boat ramps, and USACE parks. It’s simple: stash your trash, get free swag! If you’re on the water between Memorial Day to Labor Day, take a selfie of you and your friends with your “stashed” trash and upload it to our social media page. Win prizes instantly by participating. You can help make a difference by keeping Comal County clean.

Learn More

For more information about WORD’s Stash Your Trash program, click here.

WORD is a park and recreation district created by the Texas Legislature in 1987 and voted for by the residents of Comal County in 1988.

The W.O.R.D. district encompasses Canyon Lake and over 30 miles of floatable water on the Guadalupe River above and below Canyon Lake. It exists within Comal County north of highway 46 to the west beginning at Guadalupe River State Park and runs east to the New Braunfels city limits.

Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful!

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  1. Susan Garrison July 12, 2019

    Great going! How can I signup to volunteer?

    1. Stephanie Johnson July 13, 2019

      Hi Susan, for more information contact WORDCC, which administers the program,at 830-907-2300 or visit Keep Canyon Lake Beautiful’s Facebook page.

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