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Trump Train Ditches Convoys, Picks Up Steam in New Braunfels City Politics

Two members of the former New Braunfels Trump train are running for city council in the May 1 General Election.

The New Braunfels Trump Train no longer rolls through the city every week in flag-festooned trucks, but its members are picking up steam in city politics.

In January, Democrat Colette Nies, a Presbyterian chaplain and socio-ecological theologian who is a doctoral candidate in Land, Food, Ethics and Faith Formation, seemed like a shoo-in for a two-year term on the New Braunfels Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Two weeks ago, she received a letter from New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman informing her that he chose another candidate, Rolando Haus’ Cinderella Brown, to fill that position.

Nies said she was not surprised.

The mayor appeared poised to announce her appointment at a Jan. 25 city council meeting. The position does not require council approval and was on the consent agenda only as a courtesy.

At the last minute, Brockman withdrew Nies’ name from consideration with little explanation other than he and several city council members said they received phone calls and emails from residents opposing her selection.

Those residents turned out to be several dozen members of the far-right Trump Train. Eight of them planned to speak out against Nies’ character but were angered after city attorney Valeria Acevedo explained that Robert’s Rules of Order restricted them to comments about the actual motion before the council, which was to delay Nies’ appointment until the Feb. 22 meeting.

Trump Train founder Steve Ceh promised council members they would return on Feb. 22. Six of his followers did, with five members arguing Nies should not be appointed to the housing authority because she is a “terrorist” who works for Living Blue in Comal County’s Facebook/Twitter pages. Nineteen years ago, Nies served a year’s probation for misdemeanor possession of a single marijuana joint, which also put her in the crosshairs of a group that publicly promotes family Christian values.

Members of the Trump Train especially hate Living Blue, which routinely criticized — and continues to challenge — the group, which made international headlines after running the Biden Bus off of I-35 between New Braunfels and San Marcos last October. Videos of that incident were prominently featured during the February impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Living Blue in Texas issued a public-service announcement denying that Nies has any association with their group. Living Blue in Comal County also confirmed Nies is not involved with their social media outreach.

But it was criticism by Trump Train founder Steve Ceh and his supporters that apparently caused Brockman to rethink Nies’ candidacy as well as the decision-making process for city board positions, a move that caught other city council members off guard.

Brockman surprised everyone on Feb. 22 when he announced he would restart the application process for the housing authority position despite receiving a petition signed by 950 of Nies’ supporters.

“This has nothing to do with politics,” he said. “…I want to make it perfectly clear that political persuasion has nothing to do with the decision.”

Nies thinks it has everything to do with politics.

She said she fully supports Brown but is disappointed in the mayor’s decision to politicize a volunteer board position.

In an email to MyCanyonLake.com on April 11, Nies, a former candidate for Comal County Pct. 3 commissioner, said Brockman has “affirmed the behavior of a handful of people who have continually chosen libel and slander. The precedent Mayor Brockman set has resulted in parts of city council meetings deteriorating into a bully pulpit.”

She wrote:

“At the local level, nonpartisan positions are imperative because they provide leadership for all of us, not a select population. We are living in a time where people’s gifts and strengths for service of the public good need to be encouraged. Valuing those that donate their time to advocate for sustainable growth and the health of our citizens and resources supersedes party affiliation. As the elected vice-chair of the Heritage Commission, I will continue to serve, as I have done on other city boards, for the last six years. My hope moving forward is that the mayor will strive toward upholding our bi-partisanship legacy of cooperation to solve issues that affect the wide array of perspectives and situations of the people who live here.”

MyCanyonLake.com reached out to Brockman for comment but did not hear back.

Meanwhile, Trump Train member Kevin Robles is running to replace incumbent Harry Bowers for New Braunfels City Council District 3 in the May 1 election. Trump Train member Lawrence Spradley is squaring off against Joy Harvey for New Braunfels City Council District 4.

Over the last several months, the Trump Train has reinvented itself as the Hill Country Patriots.

Speaking on condition of anonymity out of fear of ‘cancel culture,’ several of the Hill Country Patriots who were close to Ceh describe themselves as a group of like-minded individuals who want to continue the close friendships they formed while driving around town, honking horns, waving flags and yelling out their support for former President Trump.

Ceh lost his job as a boiler-mechanic field supervisor with The Brandt Companies after he was photographed on the terrace of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 just before the armed insurrection.

Organizers of the Patriots say he now serves as pastor of Solomon’s Porch, a church he founded after leaving the Trump Train.

They said Ceh’s more interested in filling seats and conducting daily Bible study classes than he is in replacing Brockman as mayor.

Sources say he lost interest in a possible mayoral run after learning the mayor’s office is a non-paying position.

T-shirts emblazoned “Steve Ceh for Mayor”/”Ceh what?” remain folded on shelves.

But Ceh’s legacy lives on.

Speaking against Nies at the Feb. 22 meeting, New Braunfels resident Timothy Davis warned Brockman against supporting a candidate like Nies, who he said doesn’t represent New Braunfels’ values.

“We are a conservative town,” he said. “We have lots and lots of support, and we are going to be loud. We’re going to keep speaking.”

Nies isn’t going anywhere either.

She serves on the Congregational Care Committee for the New Braunfels Presbyterian Church. The committee is responsible for the care and support of the homebound and hospitalized. She also raises money for a community garden to address food insecurity.

“My Christian call to promote justice in the world is grounded in compassion and empathy,” she said. “Pursuing political action to orient policies that bring about healing must be anchored in honesty and grace, not only of ourselves but for others as well.”

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  1. Bruce Martin April 27, 2021

    Moved to Canyon Lake to get away from the Democrat decay of San Antonio, being called a right winger or a far right Trump fan is a badge of honor usually said by bitter liberals. Love Comal County

  2. Ray April 17, 2021

    The hypocrisy from the Trump Train people or Hill Country Patriots or whatever they are calling themselves is palpable.
    They call Neir (Nies) a “terrorist” for her association with Living Blue (even though there is no association) while their leader was part of an ACTUAL domestic terrorist event at the Capitol on Jan 6th.
    They don’t want to give their name due to fear of “cancel culture” but are practicing it by attempting to “cancel” Neir (Nies) for their perceived view of her politics.

  3. NB-xPat April 16, 2021

    “ Where did 74 million votes go!?”

    They were counted, and beaten by over 81 million votes. You weren’t cheated, you lost fair and square, but you are not adult enough to move on. We had a nice steak of 160 years of non-violent transfers of power, until you sore losers broke it.

  4. Susie April 16, 2021

    I am new to New Braunfels, and have followed the articles regarding this subject, and believe a more professional approach would gain the respect of all MyCanyonLake.com readers, and grow readership to the benefit of the community. All local citizens benefit when news publishers report the facts, label opinion and respect the citizens they serve. In My Canyon Lake’s case, the publication appears more like a magazine or newsletter with specific viewpoints aimed to a particular audience. And that is fine! – for a magazine or newsletter. Much of the information contained within MCL is useful and appreciated. However, publishing as news repeated personal attacks against certain members of our community with whom a reporter may disagree, reflects poorly on the publication, and importantly, the citizens of New Braunfels.

    1. John Maynard April 19, 2021

      Totally agree. MCL is mostly laughable left-leaning tripe. I look forward to being labeled far-right, particularly by social justice warriors who are most certainly Marxist.

  5. Ruth April 16, 2021

    I am assuming that this article was written by Stephanie Johnson and it was very left leaning. We are not the far-right, we are people who live and love America, Texas and New Braunfels and we don’t want the liberals to come in a ruin it for our children, grandchildren and even great grandson. Liberals like Living Blue don’t know the first thing about our Great Country. We have rights and we allow you to have your rights but when you start trying to take away our rights we will stand up and tell you “No”. You need to learn your history and learn how your Fellow Americans fought and died for you to say the stupid things that you say and belief. Y’all may have stolen one election but don’t think we don’t know what you did and we will be fighting to not let that happen again. We will start locally, city, school boards, county, state and National. We will still be around fighting for our rights and Freedoms. Starting Now and working for 2022 and 2024!!!

    1. Colette Nies April 16, 2021

      Herein lies the irony of one group claiming that equal rights are “not allowed” to all and may only be given out by a select population as they see fit.

  6. Fred Scantling April 16, 2021

    Stephanie, your usual biased reporting is off the chart with this one. But hey, If Nies ever wants to apply for sainthood, she can use this article as a reference.

  7. Amy Parks April 16, 2021

    As a Veteran I am truly sad that Mayor Brockman was easily intimated by a small crowd. Personal Courage is obviously not in his values. And Mayor Brockman doesn’t appear to have the greater good for ALL New Braunfels Citizens.

    And just look at the hate in the comments already on here. These are people who do not have LOVE thy neighbors, LOVE for the community, OR LOVE for all as the Bible commands us to do so. Nies had all of that. And God will bless Nies and favor her in spite of her enemies.

  8. Sheli April 16, 2021

    Ran The Biden Bus off of I 35? That’s a ball face lie! They followed them, honking! Why do you have to follow MSM and lie! You wonder why we (Americans) hate the left! All you do is lie!!!!!

    1. John Maynard April 19, 2021

      Yes, it is a lie and anyone who bothers to look at the evidence will know that. By MCL is leftist operated paper and the Left always supports lies and violence.

  9. Dawn April 16, 2021

    I’m 100% behind the Trump train. This administration is not stealing our freedom and rights! Where did 74 million votes go!! Someone answer this question that we the people that stand strong, who knows the TRUTH! We need to hear what’s fallen on deaf ears.


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