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Trump Train Founder Storms into Gruene Business with 14 Others to Protest Mask Laws

The Trump Train passes through Gruene in late August/early September. Used with permission of Trump Train NB Facebook page.

Trump Train NB founder Steve Ceh and 14 other unmasked protesters stormed into Gruene Antique Company on Friday in defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott’s July 2 face-covering executive order.

Ceh, a founding member of the local Trump train who also leads prayer vigils at Landa Park, said cashiers “lost ther minds.” He said when police arrived, they were told they could be arrested for criminal trespass and left — “for now.”

In a 7:53 p.m. Friday post on MeWe, which bills itself as the ‘anti-Facebook’ social network, Ceh announced that he and supporters had left Gruene 30 minutes earlier.

Lost their minds“They want a fight, Buddy a fight we will give them,” he posted. “Our prayers will get better, our numbers will get greater and our revival will stun and shock the world! We are just getting started!”

The manager of Gruene Antique Company declined to comment about the incident today and referred MyCanyonLake.com to Patrick S. Molak Corporation and Gruene Texas Partnership 90, which operate the popular tourist destination, founded in 1845 as a small German settlement. Gruene is home to the world-famous Gruene Hall. It sits inside New Braunfels city limits.

The Trump Train is a caravan of hundreds of cars that winds its way through New Braunfels on Thursday nights, flying flags and honking horns in support of President Donald Trump. Gruene is included in one of its routes.

City of New Braunfels Communications Coordinator David Ferguson said Gruene hires off-duty law enforcement officers to manage security. New Braunfels Police Department was not called to the scene.

Ceh’s wife, Randi Ceh, said her husband would not comment for this article.

“You just need to stop,” she said.

According to LinkedIn, Ceh, 48, is a boiler mechanic with The Brandt Companies who moved to Texas from Las Vegas three years ago. He lives in New Braunfels. To see a video of him speaking during a Trump Train NB’s rally on Thursday, click here.

A June 29 mask order by New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman mandated face coverings in businesses that provide goods or services directly to the public when social distancing is not feasible. That order expired in August.

Under  Abbott’s Executive Order GA-26, individuals who refuse to wear masks are not subject to civil or criminal penalties.

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  1. Lauren December 15, 2020

    I love how they harass minimum wage retail workers most likely female, trying to make a living without getting sick. You know “the people”.

    1. Katelyn Davidson March 1, 2021

      Nobody was harassed and nobody was sick. Healthy people going into a business without a mask is NOT A CRIME!! An order is NOT a law. The mask order is not a law, because forcing healthy people to wear a mask is unconstitutional and cannot be made a law.

      Even Gov Abbott said that SAME thing one week before he implemented the “order” He said, on June 17, 2020, “Governments cannot require individuals to wear a mask, so that individual liberty is not infringed upon by the government” Look it up! He’s just a wimp and was trying to walk the fence and appease the people who’ve had so much fear put into them for a 99.9% survivable virus for most people.

      Why do you think NONE of the law enforcement agencies enforce it? I walk into businesses ALL THE TIME and see cops in there and say hi to them with my unmasked smiling face. YOU’VE ALL BEEN PUNK’D and you’re muzzling your faces for nothing

  2. sadamerican November 1, 2020

    now they don’t respect private property or trespassing laws. why?

  3. Delores Slian November 1, 2020

    They want a reality show.

    1. Sarah Jane November 1, 2020

      They need to get the hell out of Texas and go back where they came from. We’ve got enough native Texan nutcases we don’t need to import this scum.

    2. Katelyn Davidson March 1, 2021

      No, we want our freedom and our country back!! Our rights don’t end because of your irrational fears. You’ve been duped into thinking that you’re going to die from a 99.9% survivable virus. They’ve lied about the numbers. They’ve lied about the cause of death being Covid when they were heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and yes, even accidents. They’re putting the Covid label on EVERYTHING TO SCARE YOU INTO Submission

  4. Roger October 27, 2020

    Let’s look at facts here, masks are supposed to help prevent the spread but the numbers still vary. Not all face coverings are the same so not all are gonna be affective, if you’re healthy and not infected you can’t spread anything. So why must you wear a mask? What happened to freedom of choice? If you’re worried about being infected with a virus wear a mask. Just because one person does it doesn’t mean all should do it. Seriously it’s a virus like the flu it will never be gone completely. How a person chooses to battle the flu is their choice and their life. That’s what’s great about the United States of America and the Great State of Texas. Freedom of choice. Stop trying to impose your thoughts on someone else and let them make their own choice. If you fear catching a virus then wear a mask if that makes you feel safer.

    1. Yvonne November 1, 2020

      That’s right! Freedom of choice!!! I’m glad you are Pro-Choice!!!

    2. Khrystyl Syngyr November 2, 2020

      You do NOT have the freedom to put OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES in danger! You seem to not understand what living in a society means.

      Plus, do you go into businesses without Shirt or shoes? The masks are the same damn thing. I don’t understand how you cannot understand this? Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?

      The mask is to protect OTHERS, idiot. People can transmit COVID-19 without showing any symptoms. How hard is that to understand? Unless you just got tested seconds ago and immediately got a negative result, you have NO IDEA IF YOU ARE INFECTED! That is why you wear a mask to protect others!

    3. Persistent Cat November 2, 2020

      “Freedom of choice.” Thank you for supporting a woman’s right to choose.

    4. Red November 2, 2020

      Since you want to look at facts, let’s go ahead and correct your entire post with some:

      “masks are supposed to help prevent the spread but the numbers still vary.”

      Yes, Masks help prevent the spread as is evidenced in various studies conducted around the world and shown through numbers, specifically in Asian countries where Masks are not a political issue for idiots.

      “Not all face coverings are the same so not all are gonna be affective”

      This is true, not all are as effective and there is some research still out, however there is very real numbers that a proper cotton mask worn in the following ways helps stop infections by huge margins: The wearer has around 30% protection if no one else wears one, 2 people wearing one cuts spread by up to 80%, especially when other forms of common sense protections are used in conjunction The fact that not all coverings are the same is why you should take the advice from current research and go with the best option that you can comfortably wear

      “if you’re healthy and not infected you can’t spread anything. So why must you wear a mask?”

      Given the long lead time between infection to symptoms and in some case no symptoms, this argument is null and void. You may not know you are infected.

      “What happened to freedom of choice? If you’re worried about being infected with a virus wear a mask”

      We have certain limits to freedom of choice for the sake of moral decency and Community protections. You don’t have a freedom to choose to drive at 150mph on the interstate. You don’t have the freedom to walk around without cloths. you don’t have the freedom to do a lot of things, why is this such a fight for your “Freedoms” unless you are buying into the political nature of the conspiracies and lack of critical thinking? And as was stated above, everyone must wear masks to reach any helpful community spread reduction. That’s why if you are worried just wear a mask isn’t enough.

      “Just because one person does it doesn’t mean all should do it.”

      The data shows the exact opposite. Because one person cares about others, everyone should try to care about others.

      “Seriously it’s a virus like the flu it will never be gone completely. How a person chooses to battle the flu is their choice and their life.”

      This is not the flu, this is a stupid comparison. You probably should stop using it as an argument.

      “Freedom of choice. Stop trying to impose your thoughts on someone else and let them make their own choice. If you fear catching a virus then wear a mask if that makes you feel safer.”

      Again, you don’t have the freedom of choice to endanger others on the highway and you shouldn’t have the freedom of choice to endanger others that have to be out. If masks worked to protect just the wearer, then whatever, but that’s simply not how it works and to ignore that is intellectually dishonest and doesn’t show you love this great country. It shows you don’t give a damn about this country and taking the smallest action that will help all of us get back on our feet. You should be ashamed and will be a large part of the mentality that continues to bring this country down on the world stage.

  5. J R B October 26, 2020

    If everyone called 911 every time these idiots go out and ride the trump train it would be difficult for NBPD to explain why they’re not doing anything about it. They run red lights, are louder than the law permits, disobey the mask mandate. That’s called breaking the law. They should be held accountable for each and every one of their lawless actions.

    1. Katelyn Davidson March 1, 2021

      Gee, that’s funny, I’ve been to the “horrendous terrorists rallies” and spoken to cops there. They feel the same way…that our constitutional rights have been trample on and they don’t like it. They took an oath to protect our rights and they firmly believe in that oath. If people are afraid, then they should wear masks and stay home. I’m not sick and I’m not afraid of a 99.9% survivable virus. And if you’re an at-risk person, do what you need to do, because YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT EVERYONE ELSES

  6. pamela October 25, 2020

    Pathetic little cowards with small penises and even smaller brains. I hope every one of you ignorant douchenozzles ends up on a ventilator, you all are dumber than a sack of hair. #makeamericasmartagain #bidenharris2020

    1. Sarah Jane November 2, 2020

      their disrespect for all the hospital workers who have been working themselves to death for months and sometimes literally dying is noted. They all need to be denied care when they get sick.

  7. Laura Cannon October 25, 2020

    His comments at the end of his post on MeWe sound like a terrorist threat. Maybe the FBI needs to see it.

  8. Mike Broderick October 25, 2020


  9. Bruce Carpenter October 25, 2020

    We have a phrase for loudmouths like this in Texas, “All hat, no cattle.”

    1. phatpenguina October 28, 2020

      Love that…stealing it.

  10. Reynaldo Martinez October 25, 2020

    Trump Train just derailed and spilled their TOXIC AGEND,
    GRUENE can hang up a CLOSED
    Next time if you ever go back to GRUENE AND SHOP AND EAT

    1. Pauly T October 25, 2020

      Wow. If you could spell or put together a coherent sentence, maybe you could make some sense.

    2. Pauly Tamez October 25, 2020

      WTF did you just say? Moron.

    3. Mary October 28, 2020

      They are law abiding citizens doing what they need to do. Your actions are going against your words and what you said in the beginning. The employees are just following orders from their employer. Any store in Gruene will survive without your presence. They have been here a long time and will be here even after Trump is gone!!! Tourists come here everyday all year long! Sometimes I can’t get in to my favorite restaurant cuz they are so busy! It makes me happy to see that Gruene is thriving and supporting my community with jobs! I was born and raised here. We are family! However; outsiders come in and try to change things! It won’t happen!

    4. Mary October 28, 2020

      You’ve got it right Reynaldo! They will be doing a service to Gruene by not stopping by! You can tell they’re not native New Braunfelsers. We support our community! We were born & raised here. They come here trying to change our little town. We know to agree to disagree without being ugly to each other!

  11. Brett stahl October 25, 2020

    Just another western carpet bagger bring bullshit to our town.

  12. Susan Schoon October 24, 2020

    What a big man you are, with your gang of idiots.15 of you went into THEIR SPACE to harass the poor employees, but it’s all about freedom, right? Shame on you selfish, brain-dead, dimwit bullies. But keep praying and pretending to be christian.

    1. Alyson Weege October 25, 2020

      Well said. Thank you.

    2. Jean Mott October 25, 2020

      Way to go Susan Schoon.

    3. Mary Letterman October 25, 2020

      I’m one to stay out of the political mess that is right now. But this is ridiculous . Calling out hourly employees just trying to do their jobs. Sick

  13. Quentin Rothsfield October 24, 2020

    After all that has occurred during this pandemic, it is known around the world that mutual mask wearing works. These Trump geniuses want to fight and ignore science.

    Arrest these cretins if they do not follow the law. They are out of control.

    I will stop my business dealings with Brandt. What type of people are they employing? I do not want them on my premises.

  14. Cheryle Fuller October 24, 2020

    Gruene Was not founded in 1845. It was nothing but a river crossing until Henry Gruene Returned from a 4 yr long trailride and bought out his brother in 1876. They then began building a Gristmill and converted it to cotton ginning in August, ginning cotton through till October. Eventually they were able to won, with their father, about 1,00 cars of land tenant farmed, the tenants buying their goods at the general store, their metal goods at the Blacksmith shop and their lumber across the street at the current wooden general store.
    Please contact me about further Gruene History for future articles.
    I discovered Gruene in 1974, wrote the development plan and did all the research to get Gruen listed on the National Register of Historic Places, wrote the deed restrictions 6 months later, discovered the Comal River Snail darter and got it listed on the Endangered Species list in April of ’75, defended the deed restrictions in court in 1977 shortly after Pat Molack bought Gruene Hall. In addition to being the star witness, both for the historic research and to protect my deed restrictions, for these were the first in the state, I brought all the TV stations, radios and newspaper, as well as Texas Monthly and Parade magazines to cover the lawsuit. While waiting to testify, I organized the music festival to pay the legal fees, and brought back all the media to cover it.
    Pat Molack only ran the beer hall, and didn’t even know how to book a band until I organized the music festival.

    1. Mary October 28, 2020

      My mother was born & raised in Gruene. My grandfather was a share cropper. I learned how to swim in the Guadalupe River in Gruene! These idiots try to come in and change our community! They need to leave! Thanks for the history lesson!

  15. Judith Hutchings October 24, 2020

    Ceh needs to grow up. Making things difficult for shop owners is no way to protest mandates he doesn’t like.


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