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USACE Closes Comal Park Playground

This undated image of a little girl playing at Comal Park is featured in an online petition "To Save the Comal Park Playscape."

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Canyon Lake announced today it will close the playground at Comal Park following a recent safety inspection by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that identified numerous safety deficiencies with the 12-year-old playground.

The move comes despite an online petition “To Save the Comal Park Playscape” and general outrage on social media by Canyon Lake residents.

“We do understand the playground is a draw to Comal Park and one of the few playgrounds in the area,” said Lake Manager Javier Perez-Ortiz. “However, for the safety of the children we must close the playground until repairs are completed or the playground is removed or replaced.”

The Corps is working with a potential partner to address the situation, it announced in a press release. The playground will have to remain closed until the deficiencies are remedied.

Jay H, who commented on the online petition, protested the closure: “Children have played in play ground like this for years and years. Incidents happen. But to treat this as a crime scene and possibly cause one person’s child was hurt is about as ludicrous as it gets! Leave our children’s parks alone! Leave our Dam alone! Why must you meddle in everything? Is it about money? Go stand at corners and sell water instead!”

Additional information on this project can be obtained by calling the lake office at 830-964-3341.

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  1. Smalls July 13, 2019

    Just another example of our over sensitive world everyone is so scared of being sued for stupid stuff all they can do is play defense. Whatever happened to personal responsibility, why is it always someone else fault. This world needs a bunch of good people to step up and show this next generation what real life is all about, a whole lot more us and a lot less me!


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