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Volunteer for Meals on Wheels


by Maureen Schein
Volunteer Coordinator
Meals on Wheels

Years ago, one of our Meals on Wheels (MOW) drivers called me. Dan was in the driveway of a home, to deliver meals. He had called Zach to tell him he was on his way. Zach didn’t answer.

Now, Zach’s car was in the driveway. But Zach was not sitting in his wheelchair on the front porch like he always was on MOW delivery day. Dan knocked on the door, but there was no answer. So, he wanted to know what to do.

I told him to see if the door was unlocked. If it was, to go in to check on Zach. Our volunteers are covered for their well-intentioned actions by the state’s Good Samaritan law.

Dan found Zach on the floor in the kitchen, next to his wheelchair. He had fallen out when he had a stroke – it was later determined. After calling 911, Dan stayed with Zach until the ambulance took him to the hospital. (Dan even took the time to call the other MOW folks to tell them why their meals would be late. They were all understanding, of course.)

Are there all kinds of “what if” questions swirling around in your brain right now? We sure had some! What if it hadn’t been MOW day? What if Dan had just decided to bring the meals back to the office, instead of checking? What if the door had been locked?

Obviously, Dan wasn’t looking for a blessing. Surely, Zach was blessed that day.

Would you like to be a blessing to a shut-in that might just like to have someone visit them once a week?

We are looking for a few Meals on Wheels drivers. If you have a free hour or so on Tuesday or (especially) Thursday, call our office at 830-964-2324, or send an email.


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